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Creative Mix and Match your Beautifful stickers

Posted on October 20 2016

Hello Beautifful girls, it’s Chinky again! I hope you’re enjoying all the blogs we #VBsisters have been sharing for more ideas on how to use your Villabeautifful goodies.

I’ve been a #VBAddict since Day 1 but I’m not ashamed to say that I still have a ton of VB stickers from the old releases that are not yet completely used up. You see, a lot you might think that they’re not as much fun to use anymore since your stickers from a specific collection is no longer complete, but guess what, you can still plan with it… just simply mix and match.

Today, I’ll be showing how I mixed a few Villabeautifful sets for 3 different planner layouts. Fair warning, this is a photo heavy and lengthy post.

Let’s start off with my Kate Spade Agenda. This is one of the newest addition to my planner collection and I just started using this for my social media planning. I will be using sticker sheets from Blush, Sparkling Rose and Ooh La La collections.

The first thing I do when decorating is lay some strips of washi tape that coordinates well with the stickers and I thought this tape included in the Dreamer kit matched perfectly. I did have a little trouble cutting out the washi tape near the coils though.

Next, I continued to add a strip of slim foil washi tape then layered it with a Blush Clear Tape and the ‘shine all day everyday’ line from Sparkling Rose Gold Decorating Planner Sheet. I also added the ‘create’ and ‘plan’ banner flag from the Blush weekly set and layered it with the heart sticker from the Sparkling Rose Gold Clear Tape then proceeded to layer a banner flag stickers from Ooh La La with the label sticker from Sparkling Rose Gold.

On the upper right corner, I used a heart foiled washi tape with clear tapes from Sparkling Rose Gold then proceeded to layer various tapes from the three collection.

My favorite layered look is this one with the ‘love this’ banner. I used the dotted pink clear tape from Sparkling Rose Gold as the ‘base’ then layered the ampersand clear tape from Ooh La Lala and topped it with the two banners from Blush Clear tape and weekly set.

Here’s the final look for the Kate Spade planner. I added just a few stamping to complete the look.

I will now move on to my ‘work planner’ which is a Traveler notebook type. This will admittedly be fairly simple because I need a lot more space for planning out my lessons for the coming week.

I used stickers from the Blossom and Vintage Garden collection for this spread. 

I adhered the clear tapes from the Vintage Garden and Blossom collection with a flag from the Blossom Weekly set for the upper left border of my notebook. I also layered a halfbox sticker from the Blossom Weekly set with a clear tape from the Vintage Garden set.

I would say that the page flags are the easiest to layer. I love the look of a 2 to 3 layer flag so it was easy for me to mix and match the two collections.

And here’s the final look for my work planner.

Moving on to the final layout, my personal size on-the-go planner.

I decided to use stickers from Fusion Pink and Francine collection. It has a chic element to it which I think matches my Filofax Kingfisher blue that I got over the past weekend. This spread was the most challenging for me because the combination I used is not as cohesive as I first imagined.

I lined the border first with a bit of washi tape and clear tape from Fusion pink, then ran along the middle line with more clear tapes from Francine.

On the left side of the page, I layered the green dotted header from the Francine weekly set with the ‘top priority’ phrase from the Fusion Pink Planning Words decorating sticker sheet then added a full and half box from Fusion Pink with some elements from the Francine Weekly set planner stickers

On the right side of the page, I again layered the full box from the Francine Decorative boxes with this villabeautifful lady and the word ‘planner girl’ from Fusion pink. I added more stickers to the spread then days of the week stickers at the very last.

It didn’t have the overall or final look that I wanted so I decided to add some stamping to bring the page together. Here are some close ups..

And here it is! I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out after a few stamping. It definitely looks so much better.

That’s all for now. I hope I have given some inspiration to all of you on how to use your Villabeautifful stickers to beautiffy different kinds of planners with stickers from different collections. Now you won’t be sad when you see an incomplete sticker sheets from a certain collection since you can mix and match too.

Till next time, beautifful girls.



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