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Let's Sail Away With Villabeautifful By Celene

Posted on October 04 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to another lovely post by one of the new VB Design Team Member, Celene. Since we are all getting to know each one lets start out with a few get to know questions before we move on to her planner project. 

Brief background of who you are, what you do, etc. Basically a 411 of YOU!

I am Celene Matela-Liberato. I live in Manila, Philippines with my husband and our 3 dogs. I am a baker of made to order cakes & sweets and a desserts table designer. I love being able to do what I love everyday -- creating beautiful things to make people happy. When my hands are not full of sugar , they are busy crafting and doing some creative planning. Creative planning helps me stay focused, organized and productive. I have been with the planner community for a little over a year now. It has been an avenue for me to meet like-minded friends and fun loving people.

Who or What inspire you the most?

I am inspired:

*When I am able to help people be creative

*When I am able to make someone happy with my craft - from a custom sugar cookie to a decorated planner spread

*When I am able to share and impart knowledge on what I do and subsequently be an inspiration to others too

Describe your style of planning and what planner(s) are you using at the moment?

I am both a decorative and functional planner. I love injecting decors on my spread without sacrificing functional space. I love bullets and ticking them of because every check mark gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. I love it when everything on my page and in my photos are well put together and coordinating. That's why I am a VB Addict. I love how VB stickers and kits are well put together. It makes creative planning fun and easy.

I am currently using my Kate Spade Rose Gold planner for my dailies, my Kikki K Soft Lavander planner for my weeklies and my Botanical Garden Happy Planner as a habit tracker.

What are your must-have planner supplies or planner accessories?

*VB Stickers

*Washi Tapes


*Functional Clear Stamps

*Pigment Ink

*Hard Tip Brush Pen

If you could design your own stickers set, what would it be?

It would be a Shabby Chic Floral Sticker Set with Peonies, Mason Jars, Burlap & Wood Elements. Distinctive colors would be the shades of Pink, Blush, Teal, Brown & Cream. It would have (but not limited to) the following sheets:

-Floral Layering Clear Sticker Sheet

-Washi Strips Clear Sticker Sheet

-Functional Boxes Sticker Sheet


Thanks, Celene, for sharing a little bit about yourself! Now lets take a look at her planner using one of the Sticker Books! 

Hi everyone! It’s Celene. I’m here to show you how I used my Villabeautifful Sail Away Sticker Book. It’s one of my personal favorites, so I’m excited to share with you all how I had fun with it. The Sail Away Sticker Book is a nautical themed sticker set. It consists of 8 mini sticker sheets – 4 of them are white matte and another 4 are clear. Each mini sticker sheet is 3”x 4.5” in size.

I simply adore the nautical and floral elements of this set – anchors, sailboats & wheels mixed with hibiscus and palm leaves! Lovely!

All 8 mini sticker sheets are bound together to form 1 sticker book. I took out the wires joining them so I can show you each sticker sheet.

The 4 clear mini sticker sheets are composed of 1 clear tape sheet, 1 planning words sheet, 1 planner decorating sheet and 1 weekly planner sheet. The 4 white matte sticker sheets are composed of: 2 box sticker sheets and 2 page flags sticker sheets.

I decorated my inserts with the Sail Away Sticker Book - placing functional boxes on days where there are events or tasks I need to remember and focus on and decorative boxes on rest days/chill days. I placed bullets and flags on days where there are too many things that need to be listed, done and checked off.

I wanted to replace the days of the week with the clear planning words stickers included in the set, but first I have to apply white correction tape on the days below the date so I don’t see any trace of it after placing the clear sticker on top. Ta-dah!

I finished my spread with a little bit of stamped florals and leaves.

I still have a few stickers left and I immediately thought of doing a mini sticker pocket so I can store the remaining sticker sheets on my planner (because I’ll never know when they’ll come handy, right?).

I’ve cut half of the cover of the sticker book (back cover) to 2.75” x 3.375” and attached it to a pre-cut 4” x 3.5” navy blue polka dot cardstock. I punched 3 holes on the sides so it can go inside my personal sized planner. I also rounded the edges with a corner puncher for a nice overall look. 

That’s it! Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope this inspires you to take out your favorite VB Sticker Book and start getting creative with it!


  • sunshine : October 06, 2016

    such a nice collection! :) and a well written post! congrats on your first post!!

  • Marlem : October 06, 2016

    In LOVE with your spread! And what a great idea!!! Sticker pocket! I need to do that. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Kim: October 06, 2016

    So glad I got to know you better! Great use of the sticker book…..all parts of it! ❤❤❤

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