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Posted on March 01 2017

Hi Planner Ladies, today Chinky and Celene will show you how they used Evelyn and Savannah Stickers Sets in their planners respectively.

The first one was contributed by Chinky. She was using Evelyn Stickers on Annie Plans Printables inserts. 

Hey planner girls! It’s Chinky again with another blog for you. Did you enjoy the gorgeous spread by my VBsister Celene? She’s seriously so good and talented! Well anyway, I’m also back to share another plan with me with YOU, my beautiful friends. After all, it’s always a #villabeautifful day to get planning, right?

I thought it would be nice to use one of the recent VB releases, Evelyn, this week. Can you believe another month has passed? It’s already March on Wednesday! I love the elements of the Evelyn collection. I feel like it had the perfect mix of pink, mint and gold hues to it. They’re actually my favorite color combination so of course I needed to match that with my gold Kikkik binder! So for this plan with me session, I will be using the following Shop Villabeautifful stickers.

  1. Evelyn Weekly Set Planner Stickers
  2. Evelyn Planner Headers Sticker Sheet
  3. Evelyn Functional Boxes Planner Stickers
  4. Evelyn Decorative Boxes Planner Stickers
  5. Evelyn Decorating Planner Sticker Sheet
  6. Evelyn Clear Tape Planner Sticker Sheet
  7. VB Cutie Shop Till You Drop
  8. VB Cutie Jetsetter
  9. VB Cutie Playful

Click on each link to see how gorgeous each sticker set/sheet is!

Let’s be honest here. Planner girls tend to be hoarders. We buy so many gorgeous VB stickers and probably use them in one spread, maybe two max. I admit I used to be one of those hoarders. I actually have an entire box full of VB stickers but no matter how hard I try to be on a ‘no or low spend’, I just can’t hide from the VB stickers cause every release gets better and better! So this year, I convinced myself to try to use as much as I could in each collection instead of keeping them hidden. So in this blog you will see how I can use up a collection for 2 full spreads but still have enough leftovers for another layout!

I always start by using the clear tape planner sticker as the border or divider for the days of the week. I am still obsessed with the VB clear tapes because it’s so easy to match with my washi tapes since it’s designed to be like washi strips anyway. It varies in sizes so you have options too. I added a doily to my week to add the overall golden vibe of this spread.

I like to layer my stickers so you will see that I will use my functional boxes planner stickers with the planner headers stickers then embellish with stickers from the decorating planner sticker sheet. Sometimes I would also layer the decorative sticker over the clear tape stickers and functional phrases from the decorating planner sticker sheet. I feel like it adds some sort of depth to the spread. I also like layering the planner headers over the page flags from the weekly set as you will see on the right side of the spread. The icons from the Weekly set helped highlighting when I needed to prepare packages and when I needed to do the grocery. Adding a few stamping helps bring the look together.

Here’s the full spread. I love how it turned out!

But I didn’t forget to add the VB Cuties for that extra dose of cuteness! My mom’s coming home on Tuesday so the VB Cutie Jetsetter is the perfect sticker to mark that. I added the VB Cutie Playful and VB Cutie Shop Till You Drop too on the week too!

Moving on to the next spread…

I recently jumped in the TN planner bandwagon. I use a pocket sized Traveler’s notebook and have printed out TN inserts from Annieplans printables. If you are familiar with those printables, you will notice that the VB stickers are perfect to use with the pocket sized daily grid spread.

Like in my personal sized planner, you will see a lot of layering with the stickers but this time, I got to use a lot more of the decorative box stickers and functional box stickers. The clear tape still helped by acting as some sort of divider for the tasks for the day.

Here are the pictures of the full week’s daily spread:

The week turned out gorgeous! I always love how my weekly spread turns out whenever I use my VB stickers.

Anyway, here’s what happened to the sticker sheets after all the planning. I used to get upset or slightly depressed when I use up a lot of stickers after decorating my spread. I would be sad when I see the bare sticker sheets! ..but then I realized, the sole purpose for buying all those stickers is for decorating anyway. So why don’t I ACTUALLY use it? Lol. I’m so glad I’m over that phase!

Btw, shout out to my VB sister Kim who inspired to make use of the ‘bleed’ or borders of the actual stickers. As you can see, I cut through the sheets, specifically in the headers stickers and clear tape, to use in my spread. Hooray to maximizing your stickers!

That’s about it! I hope you enjoyed reading through this plan with me. I also hope you are inspired to use more of your stickers in your weekly and/or daily planning.

Show us how you plan with your VB stickers and kits by tagging @shopvillabeautifful and the VB Design Team in your photos. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #shopvillabeautifful too! Have a nice day and see you around! J



The next one is written by Celene

Hey VB planner girls! It's me, Celene. Today I'm doing a plan with me using one of VB's newest stickers, the beautifful Savannah. Savannah is a blooming garden of green, peach, pink, and soft red florals.

If you know me and follow me on IG (@celenewrites), you would know how I love and adore florals. So imagine what it is like for me when I saw Savannah: It was love at first sneak!

For this post, I will be using a pretty nude pink Foxy Fix – it’s called the Sugar Mochi No. 3, which I know at heart, would be a delightful match with Savannah. Let's start!

I like using Annie Plans Printables for my Foxy Notebooks. For this blog, I had printed and cut an Annie Plans’ A6 March 2017-Monday Start Month/Weekly/Daily Grid TN Insert. I decorated the first week of March with my VB Savannah stickers.

I mixed and matched the Savannah sticker sheets throughout the 7 days of the week. I used the Weekly Set, Functional Boxes, Headers, Decorative Boxes, Clear Tape & Decorating Planner sticker sheets all in pretty tandem. They are already made by Tiff to be oh-so-well-coordinated so that creative planning is made easy with VB stickers! Yay!

When mixing and matching, my imagination is the limit! Here are the decorated still shots of my inserts. I hope you’ll like them!

For the cover of my TN inserts, I used here a pastel green cardstock from the Pink Paislee Oh My Heart collection. On the front cover, I placed a VB box sticker in the middle and the pretty 'love always' decorative floral sticker on top. I layered some washi tapes with the Savannah page flag stickers, added some floral ephemeras with the same color tones as Savannah and tadah!

I attached a lengthwise cut of the cardstock on the left inside of the front cover. I meant to use this as a pocket to hold stickers and what nots. I decorated it with fussy cut florals from the Savannah box sticker sheet, a gold glitter slim washi tape and 2 page flag stickers.

Then I laminated the covers side by side (front cover on the right and back cover on the left, both facing up) making sure to leave a space in between. This space should be as thick as my insert’s spine so the cover hugs tightly when folded. After laminating, I used a crafting knife to cut along the edge of the front pocket I created. I used light pressure while cutting so I won't damage the paper beneath it – because remember, it’s the front cover!

To cap it off I also made some cute dangle clips from the small pretty floral prints in the Savannah decorative sticker sheet. I attached the stickers on a cardstock, fussy cut each one of them and laminated. I punched small holes on the top of each laminated sticker. I started fussy cutting along the sides of the laminated plastic, considering now the hole I punched on top. I attached gold jumprings on each hole and inserted the sticker charm on a gold paperclip. I added mini green, gold and blush sequins to for a little bit of sparkle.

Hope you liked what I prepared for you and I've inspired you to get your crafty on using your VB stickers! Until next time!

xoxo - Celene 




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