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Posted on March 16 2017

Hi Planner Addicts, today blog post, Kim and Pia will show you how they used Vivian and Evelyn Stickers Sets in their planners respectively.

The first one is from Kim and she is using stickers from Vivian Collection.

Vivian. Oh Vivian!  She seems like a vixen with her colors and bold beauty but she is so soft at heart and for this week, I couldn’t resist putting her in my Annie Plans Printables.

To start I always find a home for my menu list and this time I nestled it next to the weekend sticker from the Weekly Set.

And because I print and bind my own inserts, I can add whatever I want.  This month I added this polka dot piece of velum.  I added some sticky notes on each side accented with some clear washi strips and a piece from the header sheet.

Using the Clear Washi Strips, made my own side tab and added a heart from her September Kit!

Have you ever been in the middle of planning and get two separate emails from your teenager about a change in plans that you just wrote down?! Yup.  And as I’m writing this he emailed me again. Oh Brother!  This gives me an opportunity to use the diagonal do over for the first time.

Here we are with the velum again.  Underneath that, I prepped my day for a long list of to do’s using the Decorating Sheet.

Because I’m using the velum as a dashboard of sorts, the rose and washi add just a bit of flair.

Even with the vertical lines of the strips to divide the page from time to tasks, I accented it

Certainly, a full box  made my Friday full of love!


Next will be from Pia. She is using Evelyn Stickers Collection.


Ugh, I'm still not over it.

Pastels, I mean.

And florals in every pastel color variation.


So when the shop launched the Evelyn collection,

You know I was in front of that line,

Like a crazy girl buying a 60inch TV at Best Buy on Black Friday.


You feel me?

Evelyn is HG (holy grail) status for me.

Hashtag Unicorn sticker set.

Planner sticker set peace?

Girl, let me explain in pictures.

Insert D. H. T. (dramatic happy tears) here. So pretty, right?

The Evelyn collection comes in 7 sheets of decorative and functional stickers.

The Clear Tape is my favorite. I think I've been saying this on all the clear tapes in the shop. If you haven't tried it and you like layering, you are missing out.

The Decorating sticker is just so pretty.

And the Decorative Boxes as well. I used to think decorative boxes are useless.

Obviously, I was sooo wrong.

Everytime, I use these boxes, it just makes my spread prettier and happier.

The illustration and quotes are always uplifting.

I love using those boxes either to write on them or just leave them as is.

Especially when I use my Happy Planner.

Sometimes when my week is not so busy and I'm left with tons of spaces.

I love the Functional Boxes. It makes my planning easier with the labels like bill due or appointment.


I also love the fact that you can easily mix and match these stickers with your other VB sticker collection or your own collection from other shops :)

You can definitely use it in in whatever planner you prefer. The decorative boxes fit the vertical Erin Condren boxes but with a little creativity with some washi tapes, you can most definitely make it fit in your Happy Planner.

Please do check out my VB sister, Chinky's post using the Evelyn stickers in her personal planner for more inspiration.

Till next time.


Your friend,






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