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Plan with me "Sparkling Rose"

Posted on October 19 2016

Hello again my gorgeous VB addicts. It is Lem here doing a plan with me using the beautiful "Sparkling rose" sticker set. I am in love with this set. It is a perfect combination of rose gold and soft shades of pink.

I am currently using a two sided foldable insert in my personal size KikkiK. On one side is my weekly view and on the inner part of the foldable is where I have different lists and tasks. These include my master "to do" for the week, meals, important reminders, daily habits and anything in particular to buy for the week (ex: birthday gifts etc).

You can say the inner part of the foldable is kind of my dump section. It gives me the flexibility to pre-fill out certain tasks without messing up my weekly view. OCD problems I tell ya. I do decorate both sides but my weekly view is where I use most of the decorative and functional stickers.

This is also where I thoroughly plan my week. I’ve also included a memory page for my baby girl. Since she turns 10 months on the 22nd, I went ahead and used some of the stickers to continue on with the theme. I typically take a picture of her on that very same day (22nd) and just print it out and stick it on the memory page.

Lastly for a little bonus on today's plan with me, I've created a cute magnetic clip using the VB flags.

I simply used some dotted scrap paper. Using the dots as a guide, I lined the flags up back to back (as shown in the picture), and then trimmed them down. To thicken up the paper I added a strip of grey card stock paper behind it.

As an alternative option you can also laminate the flags. Finally I glued a small piece of magnet to both ends and that is it. A cute paperclip in less than 5 minutes.

This completes my plan with me. Thank you for joining me till next time






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