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Plan With Me Using Autumn Days Decorating Kit – Kim, Leslie and Maria

Posted on November 04 2016

In this blog post, there will be three Design Team Members doing a Plan With Me Post Using the October Kit with Different Types of Planners.

The first one will be from Kim using InkWell Press Planner in Classic Layout.

In my little corner of the world we are at the height fall colors. Those vibrant, rolling hills of the countryside have every right to invade my planner this time of year!

The October Planner Kit  is chocked full of those same beautiful hues and I’m tickled pink to show you how I put together this week’s spread!

I started by using the Jen Hadfield leaves in the ephemera pack to cover up the dates in my InkWell Press Classic Planner.  Then I used the Pretty Little Studio numbers and VB Planning words to spice up the leaves.

The scalloped washi strips, one of my favorites, is used as a border strip here, BUT , I can also see it being used vertically as a long to do list with the points being where you would write your task. Just a thought!

Using the wood grained washi, I created a corner banner, and a cute little place for the hedgehog to hang out.

I always use the clip included, but I use it on the inside of my planner to hold quicklists, or in this case to hold the foiled home and heart mug.

To see how I make a home for my clip, head over to my You Tube Channel and check out this unboxing and immediate plan with me right after I opened my kit!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you’ll come back for some fresh inspiration from all the Beautifful VB ladies!

Much Love XOXOXOX,


The second post was written by Leslie using her WO1P Sew Much Crafting Inserts and Day Designer

Hi you wonderful VBAddicts, Leslie here, and I get to do a fun Plan With Me using the gorgeous Autumn Days Planner Decorating Kit. By Shop VillaBeauTifful. I will be showing you how I plan with this kit in two different types of planners. My daily planner by The Day Designer, and my personal inserts, Week on One Page (WO1P) with Grid by Sew Much Crafting. The best thing about the Villabeautifful sticker sets is they work great in all types of Planning.                                                                             

Let's get started with my weekly planning in the personal size WO1P w/Grid. I always start off with the washi. I laid the wood grain washi from our kit over the holes on my inserts and re-punched them with my hole-puncher. Villabeautiful has the most amazing Clear Tape Sticker Sheets. I love the sweater design and the plaid in our kit! I used the clear tape on some of the days of the week and also on the grid side to organize my notes better.

On the left side is the grid, and I used the Deco box stickers, the Planner Set Stickers (page flags, shapes and labels), Deco sheets, and word/date stickers. I always like to layer in 3’s, as I did where it says “You Got This”, as well as the placement of the owl on top of the washi. The top half of the sheet is for dinner plans, and the bottom half is for big events coming in the week, like dance competitions for my girls.

On the right side is the week on one page, which I use for highlighting the events & appointments of the week for my family’s schedule. It’s so nice that the Villabeautifful Stickers work so well in a variety of layouts.  Even though the space is smaller on my insert, I am able to layer the boxes with the washi strips, along with all the fun decorative touches. I layered the “Weekend” header stickers in between Friday and Saturday. My favorite go to sheets are the page flags, and Deco Sheets. Love the little coffee cup on Sunday for my “me time”, and the hedge-hog page flag on Tuesday to designate voting day.

Here they are side by side in my planner. I added a few more boxes and reminder stickers for the busy week ahead. I also hot glued the decorative Pebbles Inc. rubber shapes to some paper clips to go along with the sunflower clip from our kit for some extra fun fall touches.

Next I decorated my Daily Page. I don’t always decorate my daily but when I do, I like to add a lot of fun layers. Since I don’t use every box that is available on my daily, I added the washi with the bits ephemera from our kit in the top right corner. In this case with a floral from the Deco sheets, and the “Hello” and leaf die cuts.  I used the To Do from the label sheet for the right side of my daily.  This is mainly for a more detailed look of what I need to get done in the day. I also took some inspiration from my VB sister, Kim, and used the negative space from the clear tape sheet as a check list.  I used the alpha stamp to spell out “Family” to note the special events I get to do with my family coming into town this day.  I layered the leaf page flag and deco label for extra touches.

For the left side, I have my priorities in the top left corner, and used the “important” label sticker to note my Top 3 for the day. I love the “Today I choose Happiness” from the Deco Box Stickers to highlight a day filled with family fun, like Friday night football. This left side is for actual events with a place and time.  At the bottom of the page, I have room for notes for the day, along with a wonderful quote from the deco box stickers for my gratitude box, all layered on top of washi. It is so nice to open up my page for the day and see all these gorgeous stickers, and the fall decorative touches, like the sweet fox holding the coffee cup. Tiffany at Shop Villabeautiful always amazes me with her great sticker design, color and special touches. I hope you enjoyed some of my planner layouts. And Happy Planning.

The last post will be from Maria using the the Kate Spade Inserts in Horizontal Layout.

Hello my sweet friends! It’s Maria, and I’m so excited to share with you how I used the Autumn Days Planner Decorating Kit. There are so many fun pieces in the kit, I had to make several projects. First, here is a look at what is included in the kit.

It’s perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving Holidays. I’m using a Kate Spade Rose Gold Wellesley personal size planner as my daily planner. Shop Villabeautifful stickers are perfect for every size planner. First I made a dashboard by using the kit card, die cuts and stickers. I added a couple of sequins and a plastic flower from the kit too. Love how it turned out, and how it will match my inserts too.

The inserts that came in the planner are a perfect format for my day.  I started by adding the washi that came with the kit, as well as a couple more to the top and bottom. Then I added some of the washi strips for more color. I also love to cut them into page flags to make them the right size for my inserts. You can also do the same thing to the flags if they are too long for your inserts. I cut one of the pumpkins off to make it fit.

The next part is my favorite, using the decorating stickers to add lots of layers to the layout. So many cute little characters.

The last project I made was a little shaker pocket. I had this pocket sleeve laying around, so I made a 3x3 card to fit the bottom. I put some of the cute stickers on it and slipped it in. In the top pocket I added some more of my favorite stickers from the kit and glued them right in. I added some sequins and used some of the washi tape to close it shut.   I.Love.Shakers!!!

Here is a final look at my weekly layout for next week.  And how adorable is that sunflower clip! I made a couple of clips using the die cuts, as well as a plastic pumpkin all from the kit. I’m ready for Autumn!

Till next time #VBAddicts!






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