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Posted on November 23 2016

Today, we have two design team members showcasing their layouts using The Mini Happy Planner and Traveler’s Notebook.

The first one will be Celene showing her layout using October Decorating Kit on a MAMBI Mini Happy Planner.

Hey VB Addicts! It’s Celene! Are you ready to plan with me? My Villabeautifful Autumn Days Planner Decorating Kit arrived together with my Mini Happy Planner loot! And what better way to celebrate than to do some creative planning, right? I have the Happy Blooms version which is a dated planner and since it starts in 2017, I will be using the pages in the Mini Happy Planner Extension Pack for this post.

The Mini Happy Planner has a horizontal orientation which also has lines that are perfect for making lists. I decided to use it as a Priority Jotter to help me keep track of my Top 3 priorities for the day.

For easy reference, I am using all of below pretty things that are part of the VB Autumn Days Planner Decorating Kit:

  • VB Autumn Days Stickers & Journal Card
  • Jen Hadfield Warm & Cozy Ephemera Pack
  • Distressed Wood Washi Tape
  • Pebbles Woodland Forest Rubber Shapes
  • Pretty Little Studio Fallish Alpha Numeric Sticker Sheet
  • Pink Bowties Sunflower Planner Clip
  • Maple Leaf Sticky Notes
  • VB Kit Tag

I chose to use the sheets from the Mini Happy Planner extension pack that has green lines on them to match the VB Autumn Days Kit.

First, I placed the days of the week word stickers from the Autumn Days Kit , then used the numbers from the Pretty Little Studio alphanumeric sticker sheet, to place in the dates next.

I decorated the corners of the pages with the pretty distressed wood washi tape and the VB Autumn Days clear washi sticker strips too. My favorite clear sticker of them all is the forest green scallop sticker strip. It’s so special! I also used a VB Autumn Days box sticker to place at the bottom right corner of the second page. It has a cute little fox holding a mugful of pumpkin spiced latte. How do I know it’s pumpkin spice latte? Oh, I just know. LOL.

I proceeded with using the list flags of the Autumn Days sticker sheets. I made sure that the circles/bullets go in between the lines, though it doesn’t need to be exactly in between as long as I can write on the lines with a corresponding bullet that I can tick beside it, that’s all perfectly fine with me.

Here’ the finished layout!

Since I still have plenty of decorating stuff left from my VB Autumn Days Planner Decorating Kit and I want to put them all to use.  I was inspired to decorate one of the extension pack’s dashboards too!

I chose the Forest Green dashboard that came with the Mini Happy Planner extension pack. It is forest green in color with muted green stripes. I placed the Fox Journal Card on the lower middle part of the dashboard. I used the maple leaf and pumpkin sticker strips (really cute!) of the Autumn Days sticker set to stick the top and bottom of the card to the dashboard. I also used the autumn leaves in the Jen Hadfield ephemera pack and the yellow foam leaf (From the VB Kit tag!) to adorn the corners of the card. This left a slot on the right side of the card. I then got the Cabin Rules ephemera card from the pack, punched a single mini hole on the rightmost middle part and tied a little strand of the orange baker’s twine (From the VB Tag too!) on it. I then inserted the Cabin Rules card to the Fox card’s slot. And peek-a-boo! I have an interactive planner dashboard! I finished it off with Autumn Days clear washi sticker strips and a statement sticker.

I also transformed some of the cute Pebbles Rubber Shapes to planner clips. Yay!

And oh, I decorated the pockets of my Mini Happy Planner cover too! I folded the maple leaf sticky notes’ white backing to create a hook that would keep the sticky note in place by inserting the folded part of the backing in one of the pockets. The pretty sunflower planner clip helps secure it in place too. So cute, right?

Well, that’s about it! I hope this post had you started planning with your Autumn Days VB Kit! Thank you for taking the time to read! Have a beautifful day!


The second one will be Chinky showing you how she decorated her traveler’s notebook inserts using Villabeautifful October Decorating Kit.


Hello beautiful people! Another season has arrived… but in my case, it came in package form. LOL. You see, sometimes living in another side of the world and having only two seasons in a year can be quite a bummer. The current weather in the Philippines is actually kinda cool and rainy so my Autumn Days Villabeautifful Decorating Kit helped make the ambiance warm and cozy.

Opening every Villabeautifful kit is such a thrill and the October kit was no different. I’m telling you, I would’ve whipped up a warm cup of hot choco, if I had any left lying around, while staring and warming up over these gorgeous goodies.


I’m pretty sure you know by now that ShopVillabeautifful stickers can be used on any type of planner, no matter the size, width or layout but if you use different kinds of planner systems, the Villabeautifful Decorating kits is perfect for you. It offers coordinating stickers and die-cuts which you’ll love, and with 7 sticker sheets and ephemera pack filled with loads of bits there’s lots that can go around different projects!

Okay moving on. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed at work and I needed extra motivation so I decided to use this kit on my ‘lesson planner’ again. I use a Traveler’s notebook with a wo1p layout on one side and blank graph on the other. It’s designed to have a faint greyscale print, if you’re wondering if there’s actually any print at all. Lol!

I really love the VB days of the week so I immediately stick it over the printed days after adding the wood grain washi and some of the clear tape on the spread. By the way, how gorgeous is this new scallop strip clear tape?

After adding those elements, I went ahead and added more VB stickers.

I really love how the stickers are fun, functional and decorative so it adds advantageous enhancements to the spread so that it’s not boring and riddled with the dreadful to do list. Like for example, the exclamation point stickers mark the days when my student comes in for tutor and the question mark is there because I’m not too sure if I’ll have tutor on Friday. I don’t really need to mark those days cause it’s routinely already but it adds fun to the spread so why not?

Btw, that planning squirrel is too cute for words!

All the elements in the VB kit works so well together which makes layering such a breeze. On this side of the layout, I layered some die-cuts on top of a sticker page flag and clear tape that rests over the wood grain washi then added the plaid mug over the leaves

Then easily added more stickers to complete how I needed the page look and function. I usually use this side of the planner to make a list of worksheets, handouts or letters that needed to be printed out for the week but since it’s Thanksgiving, I added a portion for gratitude tracking that’s somehow in relation to work.

What’s a spread without a few stamping? I always add a few to make the total appeal complete.

The foxy card was too pretty to leave out too so I rested it on top of a brown doily, added a die-cut and the rubber flower shape and my TN cover is instantly pretty. Don’t worry, I made sure to use a repositionable glue tape for the card so I can use it again or keep it later.

I hope you had a bit of fun reading through what I did with my kit! Don’t be apprehensive to try out the Villabeautifful stickers on your planner (or plannerS)! One way or the other, you’ll find the planning system that will work for you.




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