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Posted on January 06 2017

Today, we have our Design Team Members - Celene and Chinky showing how they used the Stargazer Decorating Kit in their Planners. 

Let's start with Celene.

Hey VB Sisters! Celene here! Hello 2017! Well, with the start of the new year we always ask people these questions. “Which planner/s do you use?” “Are you sticking to one or do you like maintaining multiple planners?”

As for me, I decided to get a pocket traveler’s notebook for a planner that would easily go inside my purse.  I like my purses/bags small and on-the-go so I’ve always had a separate bag for my planners whenever I go out. My planner bag gets really heavy and I’m pretty sure you know why! Haha. So I decided I need to have a planner that would fit inside my bag and it’s time to get myself a pocket TN. For today’s Plan with Me, I’ll be decorating a pocket notebook with VB’s Stargazer Kit.

You have probably seen how gorgeous the VB Stargazer Kit is, right? (Click here if you still haven’t.) And if you haven’t gotten them yet for yourself, why? Haha. Seriously, this is one gorgeous VB Kit every VB  addict should have! I just love the dreamy pink, purple and teal tones and the moon, stars and geometric elements. I adore everything in the kit: the VB Stargazer stickers, Pink Paislee’s Moonstruck ephemeras and stickers, pretty sticker flakes, the beautiful paperclip by our VB sister, Pia of @haveaprettyplan and the pretty gel pen too!

Let’s get started!

As I am in the process of preparing to transfer to a Pocket TN for 2017, I decided to do a set-up using my pocket notebook from Sew Much Crafting. It’s a week on 1 page on the left with a grid on the right page.

I decorated the weekly page (left) with the Stargazer Clear Sticker Sheet. I especially love the hanging moon and stars, lovely purple floral prints and pink and black marbled designs on the clear strips and I chose to mix, match and layer them. I finished the page off with floral, stars, and geometric heart stickers from the Stargazer Decorating Sheet.

On the grid page (right), I used the Stargazer Header Stickers to keep a list of To Dos, Little Things and activities for the New Year’s weekend. I added a full moon and a feather sticker to accent. I think it’s pretty and I’m so happy with the outcome!

While I’m at it, I also did a cover for my pocket notebook and decorated the front cover with VB Stargazer Stickers. I proceeded to decorate the inside pocket with the pretty Moonstruck ephemeras which came with the kit too. I also think that the glittered white feather from the VB Stargazer Kit tag would go prettily well on the front cover. What do you think?

Hope this had you inspired to work on your New Year’s layout using your VB Stargazer Kit! Happy planning and enjoy the holidays!


The next one is contributed by Chinky.

Hello again #beautifful ladies! I’m back on the Villabeautifful blog to share with you how much I fell in love with the Stargazer Decorating kit released in November 2016. Okay, so I dunno if I can still say this is my favorite kit cause I seem to say that every single month (who am I kidding, this is definitely my current fave)! Well, that’s cause the kits keep getting better and better each month. Kudos to Tiff cause she has excellent taste and incredible talent in coordinating all the elements to each decorating kit.

My heart was fluttering all over as I was opening the kit. You see, my boyfriend and I share the same penchant for starry nights, hence the title of this blog. When we weren’t together yet, there were times when we would send a message to each another just to let the other know how the moon was so beautiful that night. I definitely have a soft spot for this kit. The breathtaking elements and hues made it easy to love this kit even more too. I immediately knew that this kit is the perfect kit to use for the 1st week of the 2017.

I moved back into my gold Kikkik planner to match my Stargazer kit. I always use my VB stickers in my personal planner since this is what I always bring along with me. A #villabeautifful week is a great motivation, at least for me, to keep working and writing on my planner every day.

I start off by adding washi tape and some of the clear tape stickers to serve as a border and divider to my week. I then layered the Days of the week stickers with some of the clear tape and other decorative stickers to cover up the ones already printed on my weekly insert.  It’s my nephew and boyfriend’s birthday on Monday so the balloon and utensils sticker came in handy. I also added the shipping box sticker on Tuesday since I plan to ship some giveaway packages I prepared. The box sticker with ‘the universe loves a believer’ is one of my favorite stickers of the kit and a great way to fill in ‘white space’. One of my resolutions for the next year is to drink vitamins every day. I know, it’s not actually supposed to be a resolution cause it’s something that one should’ve been used to doing every day but since it’s something new to me, I knew I could easily forget when to drink. Now I can happily track it, thanks to this sticker.

On to the right side of my planner...

Again, the washi tape and clear tape stickers were used as borders and dividers. I was able to use the ‘date night’ for Friday because my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 39th month. I added the gold box sticker and the ‘asap’ corner sticker for a deadline I have on Friday and Saturday. I left a tiny space on the notes section for some journaling I intend to do as a way to reflect what happened in the week. It’s another new thing I want to try to stick to next year.

I’m really happy with how my layout turned out in the end. The Pink Paislee Moonstruck stickers that came with the kit was such a nice addition too. I love that the stickers were translucent much like the clear tape stickers. See I told you, Tiff is an expert at pairing the elements.

What’s a planner without pretty pockets? I decorated mine with the ephemeras from the Pink Paislee Moonstruck die-cut pack and added some matching washi on-the-go. The gorgeous paperclip that my #vbsister Pia made had to rest in the pockets too. Isn’t she so talented?!

Worried about die-cuts falling off? The trick is to use repositionable glue tape so that they stick together and you won’t lose anything whenever you bring your planner out and since it’s repositionable, you can still take them apart and use on a different project. I also use sticky-tack / tack it to position the die-cuts exactly where I want it. It’s nice to have such die-cuts in your planner so you have something to use for that last minute gift card you might need.

I also try to find ways to bring extra stickers from the kit in my planner. Since the Pink Paislee moonstruck stickers won’t fit in the pockets, I snipped it in the middle and secured it with a paperclip at the back of my planner so I can bring it wherever I go.

There you have it! I hope you liked how I planned using my kit and I also hope you found inspiration in some way. You still have a chance to get the Stargazer planner decorating kit before it runs out! The new “Sweet Life” planner decorating kit preorders has opened too. Now go get em!

Don’t forget to use #shopvillabeautifful #villabeautifful and #beautiffyyourplanner hashtags in your posts so it’s easy for us to see how you use your VB goodies.

…Sending you hugs and kisses. Happy New Year, beautifful girls. Now I’m off to dreamland!

Love lots,

Chinky #VBxChinky


  • Marlem: January 14, 2017

    Gorgeous !!!! Great Blogs VB sisters! ??

  • PIA: January 08, 2017

    What an enjoyable read, girls! Good job and gosh, pictures are so pretty! Makes me want to go back and use my kit again.

    Thanks for all the love, Celene and Chinks *DHT
    You guys are the best!

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