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Plan With Me Using Stargazer Decorating Kit with Kim, Leslie and Pia

Posted on December 07 2016

Today, we have our Design Team Members - Kim, Leslie and Pia sharing how they used the Stargazer Decorating Kit in their Planners. 

Let's start with Kim.

I don't think it is a coincidence that the Stargazer Kit and my floral Websters Pages A5 matched! They both a perfect combination of sweet and bold and I'm so very happy to show them off today!



As you may have learned by now that I'm a minimalist planner decorator, but that can't stop me from adorning my pockets with the crowning glory being the iridescent moon planner clip designed by my teammate. 


I used the washi strips to cover the ring side of my pages but also added one to the top of my spread. 


Elements from the ephemera pack from Pink Paislee along with the 3x4 card from Tiffany, are hanging out in a pocket page divider.  I didn't fill all the pockets because I love how I can still see the to do lists and stickers underneath without turning it. 


As I turn the page you can see I made a shaker pocket with sequins and the constellation acetate pieces. 



Who says the backside can't be as wonderful as the front!? 



Finally, I topped off the divider with another ephemera piece used as a tab. 



What a beautiful kit to work with! 




The second one will be Leslie.


Hello all you wonderful VBAddicts! Leslie here, and I am thrilled to be sharing with you how I set up my Gratitude Journal using the gorgeous November Planner Decorating Kit, “Star Gazer” ! I have been doing Gratitude Journals off and on for over 22 yrs., and when I saw this kit with the beautiful jewel tones, celestial designs with a hint of boho and floral, all designed by Tiffany, I knew this would be perfect for my journal. 

I was inspired to start a gratitude journal 22 years ago by a lady who helped me turn my life around. Believe or not, my gratitude list consisted of being thankful for toothpaste and a roof over my head.  Back then I was too scared to dream.  Today it is more about counting my blessings and my dreams coming true, which is why I feel this particular kit speaks to my heart.  This kit inspires me to “Shine Like the Stars!”  I am using the mini Happy Planner as my journal, and I started by pre-decorating my pages with lovely VB Star Gazers Clear Tape Stickers, and the days of the week from the Headers sheet.  I love all the designs on the clear tape, and the wonderful colors on these headers.

After I layered the days of the week with the beautiful clear tape, I like to add decorative touches throughout the week to break up the journaling. My gratitude is more written out rather than listing, but I encourage you to do whatever feels comfortable for you. I used stickers from the VB Stargazers Deco Sheet and Deco Boxes, along with the moonstruck ephemera that came in the kit. Tiffany thinks of everything when it comes to our Planner Decorating.  I used some numerical stickers and layered them on top of the celestial vellum pieces to designate the date.

“The Universe Loves a Believer”! Wow! This is my favorite sticker from the VB Star Gazer Deco Box sheet. I added one of the journal cards to the notes section at the bottom right of the layout, and then layered my favorite sticker with more ephemera. 

Since my days are pre –decorated, I can pull my journal out in the mornings, or evenings if you prefer, and jot down my thoughts. I aim for three blessings to write about each day, but sometimes I may focus on one thing in particular.  Such as Monday, Dec 5, my youngest daughters 15th birthday! Who knew, I would one day be a mom of teenage daughters?!  Gratitude can be about so many things; Family, friendships, memories, and even tooth paste. Here is a close up of the left side of the week. And do you see that amazing pen that came in our kit? It writes so wonderfully!

Here is a close up of the right side. I Love the glitter feather Tiffany sent in our kit.  What a beautiful and thoughtful surprise.

This weeks’ gratitude journal was so fun to decorate with Tiff’s breath taking November “Star Gazer” kit. It is so nice to be able to use our Planner Decorating kits for all our creative adventures.  I hope I was able to inspire you in some way.  Happy Planning and Happy Journaling.


And the last one will be Pia.

Hello again!

It's Pia here and I'm so excited to talk about our November kit : Stargazer on the blog today. I think that the excitement comes from the fact that this kit is different from what I would usually use in my planner. I know what you're thinking: These are all dark colors. How can I be excited when I only live and breathe pastel. This  simply can't be true.

Believe me, this kit surprised me as well! The colors in the kit are totally out of my comfort zone.

But have you ever had that dark lipstick that looks just okaaay in the bullet (because all you really love is that same pinky-nude lippie in like 50 shades) and then when you start applying it in your lips, your eyes starts to brighten, your complexion clear (okay, maybe not that clear but you know what I mean) and then you're transformed into someone different, possibly vixen-ish? 

Pastel-lover planners girls, I went to the darkside and I loved it.

Enchanting might just be the word I am looking for to describe the Stargazer kit. 

You get 7 sheets of stickers beautifully designed by Tiffany. I love the graphics and all the marbling. I especially love the dark purple, green and blue. 

Shocker, I know.

You get all these extras as well.

How beautiful are the ephemera?!

You might be wondering: What is in that magical jar?! Sticker flakes! How gorgeous are these?

Now, I might be a bit biased about this one...

But that clip tho. LOL

I certainly had fun making them for this kit!

Now onto how I used these:

I used my personal size planner this time because this week is not too busy for me

I'm really into layering stickers and washi tapes these days. I think the effect is so pretty.

See what I mean? :)

And those sticker flakes?! Love, love, love.

Of Course, I had to decorate my planner pockets too.

I hope you found some inspiration from today's post and did not mind a little bit of my musing.

That bit about the lipstick, that is true though, right?

Until next time and thanks for reading!

Your enchanted friend,


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  • lem: December 08, 2016

    Love all the blogs ladies great job! Kim love the sequins flip page! Leslie I totally need to set up a gratitude planner. I love the idea! And Pia Beautiful pictures as always. enchanted is def a great word to describe this kit. From one pastel lover to another this kit is def very different but yet beautiful! ??

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