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Posted on April 26 2017

Hello Planner Girls, today we have Chinky and Celene showing how they used the Ever After Decorating Kit.


Celene: Hi there! Celene here! I am doing this VB blog post with my VB Sister Chinky. Yep! You read that right! This is a joint VB Blog post! Yaay! And for our last official blog post as VB DT, we talked about making it extra special for each other and of course for you VB Planner Girls! So today, Chinky & I are doing a VB Swap using our VB Ever After Kits!

Chinky: First of all, we decided to do a swap because we’ve always been jealous of each other’s weekly layout. Like Celene mentioned, we wanted our last blog to be special... but now I’m wondering why we didn’t think of this sooner!

The idea is that Celene and I will decorate a week on 2 page planner layout made specifically for each other. Celene will decorate for me, and I will decorate for her. After which, we will sent the decorated week on 2 page layouts to each other to swap our finished planner output. Of course we couldn’t stop there.. we also swapped other goodies we made, which you’ll learn more about once you read through the blog, using our VB Ever After Kits.

Celene: The Ever After Kit is a planner princess' wish come true. It has fairy tale elements, tiaras, castles, swans, magic mirrors and royal garden florals. It is complimented by a mix of soft pink, teal and purple tones. My personal favorite is the regal looking swan clip by our talented VB sister, Pia. Isn't she lovely?

Chinky:  I love how each kit is filled with so many lovely stickers. The Ever After kit has a Clear Tape Sticker Sheet, Word/Date Stickers, and Deco boxes, Planner Set Stickers (2 sheets with the page flags, labels, shapes, icons), Deco Sheet and headers. That’s 7 sheets in one kit! Aside from that, you get a crown pen, a Little B gold foil floral tape, that goregous swan clip by Pia and a pack of exclusive Ever After ephemera.

Celene: When I saw the Ever After Kit, I immediately knew how Chinky would love it because of the pretty color combination. We agreed to swap planner pages and since I know she would like something pretty to use in her planner/s too, I thought of adding a bookmark and a decorated Mini Happy Planner Pocket Sleeve.

For her planner pages, I am using a vertical week on two page spread from Sew Much Crafting. I chose to decorate the pages leaning more on teals and purples as they are Chinky's favorite colors. I layered a mix of the Ever After stickers on the page, a mix of both functional (days of the week, box stickers and crown bullet flags) and decorative (swans, tiaras and florals). Here's how the completed spread looks like. I hope she'll like it!

For her bookmark, I cut and layered gold and pink glitter cardstocks to size. I placed the pretty swan ephemera on the top most part to serve as the 'marker', then I matched it with the floral ephemera which I placed at the bottom. I placed a statement box sticker right in the middle and decorated it with a dainty lace washi. Using industrial glue, I glued on sequins to add some shimmer to the overall look. I almost wouldn't want to give this one up after the outcome. Haha! But Chinky is such an amazing VB sister, I know she'll send it back to me! Just kidding!  Chinky,  it's yours to keep!  <3

For the Mini Happy Planner Pockets, I cut mint and gold patterned papers to 2x2 inches for the four small pockets. I decorated the 1st mini pocket with the rose in a glass dome box sticker and a little bit of lace washi. The 2nd mini pocket has the Happily Ever After sticker which I adorned with 3 gold stars. The 3rd mini pocket has the Cinderella statement box sticker on gold glittered cardstock. I placed a pink swan on the 4th mini pocket and I decorated it with half of the purple scallop sticker from the Ever After clear washi strip sticker sheet. In the middle pocket I placed a gold polka dotted vellum paper. On it, I stuck on the castle, the Once Upon A Time banner and the royal carriage ephemeras. I added my own sequin mix and sealed it with a fuse tool so it becomes a fun shaker. Yaay!

Now, I can't wait to see what I’m getting from Chinky. What do you have there for me, Chinky? I'm excited! I’m sure it’s gorgeous!

Chinky: The Ever After kit is so beautifully created, with such perfect elements, that I knew Celene would love it as much as I do. Celene has probably told you how much I loved this kit because of the teal elements... but I know Celene is secretly swooning over this kit like I am! We thought of swapping planner pages, but  I wanted to surprise her with other things she can add to her Foxy fix, to her personal size ringed planner and on her desk!

For her planner pages, I am using the Kate Spade week on 2 page spread. I loved adding gold and shimmery elements to the spread because I knew Celene liked things (appropriately) sparkly too... you know, not too tacky. I made sure to use the functional and deco boxes to the page, and layered it with various Ever After stickers to complete the queenly vibe. Sometimes, I use the functional stickers – specifically the page flags – as decorations too. See the banners on the notes section? I think it adds some depth to the whole image of the page.

I also included a simple dashboard to our swap. I found a silver cardstock in my stash and I added the gold foiled floral washi to line the middle then glued some doilies underneath. I thought the deco box with “Have courage and Be kind” was a nice quote to greet you when you open up your planner. The encased rose and swan ephemera brought the dashboard to life when I added it on top of the doily, then I finished it off with the “Ever After” phrase that was actually part of the sticker VB uses to seal your boxes.

The next surprise is a TN pocket I made for Celene’s Foxy fix. The intention was for her to glue it down to one of her notebooks or dividers and it’s an instant pocket. This one was very easy to make! I chose to use a notepad sheet because of the design and because I want the pocket to be slim, basically so it won’t add bulk to her TN. I cut the notepad to 3.15 x 5 inch sheet and the flowers part of VB Journal card that comes with the kit. I placed a doily beneath the floral background and added the castle die-cut from the exclusive ephemera beside it. After gluing everything down, I sprinkled some sequins at the bottom then ran it through the laminator. Then, I used an Xacto knife to run through the edges of the castle and flowers to create the pocket!

The intention was to use this as the pocket for some VB cuties, but as you can see I totally forgot to measure the size of the VB cutie sheets! I’m sure Celene will find another use for this pocket.. at least, I hope she does! Hihi

This last project was a huge surprise, even for me! I was randomly strolling through our local bookstore, with the (unopened) Ever After kit in tow, when I saw this letter C standee (or what do you really call it anyway??). I initially thought I just wanted to gift this to Celene as is, but after seeing the ephemeras, washi and the swan on the sticker sealer, I thought why not make into a regal looking desk accessory?! I simply wrapped the entire front with the gold foiled floral washi. I cut the quote “A dream is a wish your heart makes”  from the VB Journal card, added the floral ephemera and the pretty swan on the lower part of the letter. Isn’t it so pretty? I totally wanted to keep this for myself! After all, my name starts with the letter C too! ..but because I’m a good friend, I’ll still give it to Celene. Haha!

I’ve been pretty nervous about the swap and I really hope Celene will like what I did for her. We have yet to receive the swap packages but you should be on the lookout when we get them! Pretty sure our IG stories will be full of our squeals when we receive them. It's really something you should watch out for on our IG and FB feed too.

Celene: Thank you for taking the time to plan with us! We hope you have learned a lot and in any way, we have sparked creativity from each one of you! We are grateful to our girl boss, Tiffany for the opportunity to create, inspire and share the love of VB with all of you! We will always be VB Addicts and of course you will still get to see us on our respective social media sites creatively planning with our VB stickers and kits. See you around! Much love from us both!

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  • Stacey: April 26, 2017

    Super cute layouts. I am curious to know if you can suggest some places to buy sequins at a good price. Thank you!

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