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Posted on March 20 2017

Hi Planner Girls, today we have Kim, Lem and Maria showing you how they used the Ever After Decorating Kit. I promise you will be enchanted with their creativity.

Let's start with Kim.

Happily….I was able to work with this beautiful February ‘Ever After” kit. The swan paperclip by my VB Sister PIA is oh my…perfection!  I have it attached to a simple pocket I made just for it!

Using a piece of Scrap-paper as a base, I used the pink VB sticker backing card and the 3x4 one Tiff included in the kit to make the pocket.  Her exclusive ephemera made a great base floral focal point on the bottom of the divider.

On the other side of the divider, I created an additional pocket for the larger stickers using the full sheet kit announcement.  Edged with the gold rose washi tape, it makes the perfect place to house my stickers for the month.

I rearranged the ephemera pack to have the cardstock header on the side and punched some holes so it will be a sturdy addition to the A5 rings.  And here is my tip for planning on the go… I always include a half sheet of glue dots to use the ephemera when my planner is not in my craft room.  Even when it is in the kitchen, I can use the ephemera super quick and easily!

Taking inspiration for one of the Washi Strips Tiffany designed, I created a tufted look made with colored pencils.

At each intersection, I put a pink crown cardstock piece to accent the triangle shape.  When I get to writing in my to-do’s an appointments, it will add dimension and even make it pop more off the page.

I did add a little double sided to-do divider for this week using some additional ephemera and stickers. You can just see the extra detail of the inspired washi strip I talked about earlier. Tiff is amazing!!

Did I mention that I have memorized all the “Beauty and Beast” songs from the original Disney animation?!  Yep, dork here!  This kit is the perfect addition to the new movie version release week!  Love you all!!


The next one is from Lem

Once upon a time there was a girl who was planner obsessed. So excited and delighted, she received a package one day "oh my! oh my! what could it be?" ... It was the enchanted planner kit "Ever After" from the great queen Tiffany. 

"What a charming box full of great planner stuff! Come and do a plan with me" she told to her planner friends. "A box full of beautiful stickers,Enchanted ephemera, a gorgeous handmade paperclip, pastel crown pen and gold foil washi, this can not be!" "Oh but it is" said her friends, happy as can be

The girl was so excited she could not stop smiling. She planned and planned until night fall came but wait that's not the end, there is a process to be said....


She used the stickers and the exclusive ephemera to create a ball in her Travelers Notebook where she kept it all. This girl, she loved to plan and she kept it pretty and very spiffy! 

On and on she went, pulling and yanking, cutting and taping. She layered and placed everything until she was content. 

Trying to get as creative as she can she double sided the mirror to make a tab. 

She presented the over view of her plans to keep on striving in fairy land. "This world is scary full of witches so I have to stay on top of all my wishes" Get it done and make it happen is all she thought.

The girl was in "aw", she thought she reached the end but oh so wrong she was. She couldn't resist but to keep on crafting, so on and on she went. 

Filling her pockets full of of gems she even created a tiny card for her brother for his recent engagement. "What a perfect way to wish them well, a happily ever after to them both".

A long night of planning and crafting she finally yawned and off to bed she went. 

Blissfully smiling she said, "Good night Friends. Till next time I shall create again". 

The girl lived Happily Ever after with her TN enchanted and all, till the end.



And the last one is from Maria

Hi VB friends! It’s Maria and I’m back to show you how amazing Shop Villabeautifful’s new kit is! I live in a house where rainbows and unicorns, princesses and fairies are all around me. Thanks to my sweet baby girl, I pretend to live in a castle and play in a dreamy land every day.  Tiffany’s new kit is just as much fun (if not more, but don’t tell me daughter, he he he). The February “Ever After” Planner Decorating kit is full of so many wonderful colors and images, and will be sure to help you remember what it feels like to be a little girl again.

Since “Beauty and the Beast” is new in the movie theater right now, I decided to make a shaker clip using two of the rose in the glass dome ephemera. I used my exacto knife and cut out the center portion with the rose.  Then I laminated both pieces, put some foam dimensional tape around the edges, and then filled it up with small crystals and sequins. I’m so in love with how it turned out!

I then took the title sticker card that comes with the kit, and cut it to fit inside a Webster’s Pages page protector (personal size). I added some of the gold foiled rose washi tape on the bottom, glued it to a piece of scrapbook paper, and filled it up with sequins. I used my Fuse Tool to seal the top portion, but if you don’t have one, you can use washi tape to close the top.

I absolutely love the stickers that came with this kit. I had to force myself to use them (because I really want to hoard them forever, they’re so cute!) The kit comes with a Clear Tape sticker sheet, Planner Set stickers, Word/date stickers, Deco Sheet, Deco Boxes and Headers….and I used some of all of them! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Decorating the pockets of my Kate Spade personal size planner is always a favorite of mine. I used some of the beautiful VB Exclusive Ephemera, the tag that came with the kit, and the cutest swan clip ever to dress up my planner. I could stare at this all day!

I still had so many fun pieces from the ephemera left that I decided to give them a home….in a washi castle! You might remember me using this white house in a past post that I bought from Target, well I decided to give it a makeover with princess magic! What do you think? Also, if you look on the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see how I used the rose cutout from the clip. I couldn’t let it go to waste!

I hope you enjoyed my post girls, and I can’t wait to keep playing with this kit. See ya’ll next time!

Lots of Love,






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