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Posted on March 11 2017

Hello Planner Girls, today we have three of our Design Team Members - Pia, Celene and Chinky showing you how they used the The Sweet Life Kit. 

Let's start with Pia

Hi loves, it's Pia here again.

Let me start by saying that I might just say OMG like a trillion times in this post and it could get annoying.

So read on with caution. You've been forewarned.

So here it is.

OMG, OMG this kit!

Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes.

I just died and went to pastel heaven.

The colors are just so pretty, OMG.

I really love the watercolor effect. The colors are vibrant but because of this effect, it made the artwork in the stickers and ephemera so dreamy! I love the playfulness of the prints especially on the Clear Tape stickers and page flags.

I'm obsessed with the pastel cross print, the scallops and hearts!

You get a whole set of stickers, functional and decorative. A packet of the exclusive ephemera. A cute clip, scallop washi tape, a matching sticky note pad and project life card.

I almost forgot.

You also get a cute fine tip pen. Sweet, right?

The ephemera in this kit has gotta be my favorite! I can't wait to use it to embellish flipbooks for my penpals. You can also laminate these and attach a paperclip to decorate your planner pockets.

Isn't it so cute?

I thought I'd use my Happy Planner to plan this week.

I recently got a new one where you can color in the numbers and prints in the the planner!

Of course, I had to color it in with lilac to match the stickers perfectly.

I really love how the whole kit came together.

The colors even matches my Happy Planner tabs! OMG

I hope you had fun planning and crafting cute things with this kit as much as I did. Please do check out my VB sisters, Maria and Lem's blog posts for inspirational planner layout in their personal size planners and a fun mini tutorial on how to make a shaker dashboard! You can find their blog posts here.

Till next time,



Next, Let's take a look at Celene's post.

Hi! Celene here! I’ve been so busy lately with work, errands and medical appointments that I seldom play with my planners anymore. Sad. But don’t you planner girls get them once in a while too? Those days where you have a gazillion things to do? Yes? When this happens to me I memorize the items on my To Do List according to importance and sense of urgency but I would always stop at number 5. And then I would not know what to do next. LOL.

On days like these I don’t even have the luxury of time to open up my planner, which I know would not help me further because the only way to tackle the items on a To Do list is to face them and look at them with your 2 eyes. So, that’s where my Desk Planner comes in. I use a Desk Planner on days that I need to see all the items on my To Do list with no effort at all. I place it right smack in the middle of my study table so it is the 1st thing I see when I sit down and get to work.

For today’s Plan with Me session, I’m using the dreamy Sweet Life VB Kit with a Desk Planner I got from Typo. It’s called A4 Weekly Planner: Paintbox. I also got the Grid List Pad from the same collection too. It has colored dots which I know matches the colors of the Sweet Life VB Kit perfectly well. Here are photos of them.

The Sweet Life Kit is a collection of dreamy watercolour sweet desserts: cupcakes, macarons, lollipops and candies, my kind of mix! The Sweet Life collection has a Clear Tape Sticker Sheet, Planner Sticker Set, Word/Date Stickers, Deco Sticker Sheet, Deco Boxes, Headers Sticker Sheet, a VB exclusive ephemera pack, Mahal Made macaron paperclip (so so cute!), watercolour sticky note pad, silver foiled doily washi tape and a cute dessert fine tip pen.

I started decorating by placing the days of the week stickers first, covering the printed days on the paper pad. Then I used the heart shaped bullet flag stickers and labelled each with an appropriate title for my lists. I proceeded with placing functional boxes and decorative boxes on each day of the week and added decorative sticker elements as accents.

For the sidebar, I placed the sticker box with the full days of the week to serve as a reminder of the number 1 focus item for each days of the week. I divided each section of the sidebar using the Clear Sticker Strips. There’s a Reminder Section, Phone Section & Photo Section. The stickers are perfect, right?

For the List Pad, I decorated it by fussy cutting one of the decorative boxes with a floral doily on it. I placed it on the upper right edge. I decorated the rest of the page with decorative boxes and clear washi strips. I plan to use this List Pad as my jotter for items which needs to be written down and done for next week.

I still have a few Clear Washi Strip stickers left after decorating and I thought of using it on my wooden cloths pin clip. Look! I love how it turned out.

I also made a shaker card using the Sweet Life Card. I used champagne, violet, lilac sequins for it. Tadah!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know how you plan on your hectic, I-have-so-much-to-do days! I’m sure to do it again with VB! It didn’t take me long to decorate a full week’s page on my Planner Pad. The bonus is that I get to stare at all the VB pretties while being a To Do list ninja at the same time. Hi-yah! Lol! 


And last one is from Chinky.

Hello there! It’s Chinky again , back to share how I like to use my Villabeautifful goodies in my planning life.

Life sure got sweeter when I started using the “Sweet Life” January Planner Decorating Kit carefully designed for Shop Villabeautifful. The January kit was a mix of pastel, watercolors with sweet treats that made me crave for cupcakes and macarons quick. Hmmm… I wonder if we can get any similar heart shaped macaron in the Philippines much like Mahalmade’s macaron clips.

Anyway, enough day dreaming about those sweets.. let’s get on to planning. I’m decorating my spread ahead for March 20 to 26 because I’m gonna be busy in the next few days. Finals and graduation is coming up and it’s pretty much gonna be craaaazy till the end of the month.

Here you’d see how I used the clear tape and some washi to emphasize the border and the division of the days of the week. I’ve always used the full boxes as decorative element for me but the functional boxes are my new favorite add-ons to my spread, next to the decorative stickers of course, because it allows me to accentuate important events in my planner.

Oh, do you see the skinny clear tape above the doily I added on Friday? That’s actually a wider clear tape. I just snipped it across in half so it’ll cover the whole width of the page. Lol.

Here are the close ups:

My other on-the-go planner is my passport sized traveler’s notebook so I made sure to decorate my week using the Sweet Life goodies too. I thought it’d be fun to have the same theme for the same week in different planners, if that makes sense. It kind of makes me feel in sync.

I love using my Annieplans Daily grid with my VB stickers because I get to use a lot more stickers and ephemeras with it. The full boxes takes up space nicely and I get to use more headers whenever I use my daily pocket planner.

You must’ve noticed by now that I used a lot of doilies in my spread with the Sweet Life kit. Aside from being a doily-addict, I thought the sweet pastries were a fun match with the doilies. You have doilies at tea parties right? Hihi.

By the way, if you don’t use a vertical planner thus don’t use a lot of headers like me, you can piece it together and it’ll look like any other beautiful washi strip. The strip of stickers on the bottom of Tuesday – Wednesday are actually headers that I pieced together.

Aside from its functional use, I also like using the page flags as decoration in my spread. I layer it on top of each other to look like a banner then I also use the bleeds from the clear tape as a cute header or divider just like what you see on Friday.

And because I have a lot of space in my spread, I also got to use the sticky note as part of the decoration in my spread.

I wanted to bring that cute watercolor sticky note pad with me in my TN but I wanted it to look cuter. So I added a patch of doily then sweetened it up with that pretty pink bow.

I may also have forgotten to tell you that I use my TN as my wallet too and since it’s a planner and a wallet, I sometimes get uncomfortable laying it around open with my money and cards showing. The welcome journal card is pretty helpful in hiding what I need to hide. I laminated some of the ephemeras for an add-on decoration and a tab too.

That is all for now, my sweet planner friends! Thank you for reading through our blogs and I hope you found things sweet in everything we’ve shared.

Shop Villabeautifful Kits are always jam-packed with so many pretty things to decorate your planners …it’s meant to #beautiffyyourplanner after all.  Always be on the lookout for new kits.. because you never know what #beautifful things you can create.




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