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Plan With Me using Villabeautifful Leftover Stickers

Posted on January 27 2017

We all love those fabulous VB stickers right?! But we also love to feeling of accomplishment when you peel that last sticker off the sheet that you loved putting in your planner so very much! Today I have a few suggestions for you on how to use those leftover stickers  to create the perfect spread even if the sheets aren’t from the same collection! 

How do you match vintage floral and a bold geometric? Easy….COLOR! Color can unify just about any pattern choice you can come up with. Just pick one to three colors that match each other and you’ll be off and planning in no time!

If they are not the right shape or size cut them up! Dividing circles in half or cutting banner flags into two parts can really stretch those last lovely stickers. The pink flag on Saturday and the half circle are both parts of a whole and they work just as nicely to highlight events!

You’ve probably seen me do it before but use those Bleeds! Tiff is one of the very few designers that I can use their sticker bleeds in a layout because she cuts them perfectly centered every time. Plus, her palette is always so fun and festive it really doesn’t take much to brighten up a spread with a pop of color. It makes dividing up space or organizing a to-do list really easy!

I also did a Villa Beautifful plan with me for my You Tube Channel that I hope you’ll check out

Thanks for joining us today! 



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