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Plan With Me: VBAddict & Sparkling Rose Collection

Posted on November 19 2016

Hi! My name is Leslie and I am a proud VBAddict, and I can’t wait to share with you the gorgeous VBAddict Sticker Collections. I am also using the classic Sparkling Rose stickers which are a perfect compliment to the VBAddict stickers. Pictured below are the VB Addict Decorating Planner Sticker Sheet, Planner Header Stickers , Foiled VBAddict Planner Decorating Words, and  VBAddict Decorative Box Planner Stickers

For this post, I am doing a Plan with Me in my Vertical, Week on 2 Pages. This is what I use for planning out my social media, crafts, and blogging. I found some fun washi that compliments her signature black & white stripe with pink logo, and I decorated my pages with the washi to break it up in three sections.  The top row under the date is for my posts of the day, I labeled each header with the “To do” stickers from the Planner Headers sheet.

I then added some fun washi strips to the boxes from the VBAddict Planner Header Sheet and Sparkling Rose Clear Tape Planner Sticker Sheet and Banner stickers from the Sparkling Rose Set Planner Stickers. Love how the “infamous” and classic Sparkling Rose collection goes so well with the signature Villabeautifful colors in the VBAddict sticker sets.  I also added to the Tuesday box one of the Box Stickers from the Decorative Boxes Planner Stickers and layered a rose from the Decorating Planner Sticker sheet.

The second row is for creative ideas or brainstorming. I love the designs in the Decorative Boxes Planner Stickers.  Especially the “love, create, Inspire” stickers. So pretty when I layer them with arrows and flags from the Planner Headers, along with the Foiled VBAddict Planning Words, and sweet touches from the Decorative Planning Stickers

The third or bottom row is about notes for the day, or future projects, blogs, videos or journaling .  How fun are these half cirlce stickers from the VBAddict Planner Header Sticker sheets.  In this case I used the “notes” sticker at the bottom of Monday to clarify what the 3rd is used for. I also added more layers with the  Decorating Planner stickers to all the rows. I love the “planner” sticker at the bottom left corner. I covered the days at the top with the days of the week from the gorgeous Foiled VBAddict Planner Decorating words. I spread out more of the foiled decorative words in some of the boxes and layered more clear tape and banner stickers from the Sparkling Rose Planner set and Clear Tape Stickers.  The flower in the bottom right corner is an embellishment from the September Villabeautifful “Hey Girl Hey”kit. It is so easy to set up my week with all these wonderful stickers.

And for a little more fun, I wanted to make a sweet pocket insert out of the Villabeautifull packaging, along with one of my favorite journaling cards, pretty washi, and Decorating Planner Stickers. I used a hole punch  for the glassine black and white envelope to fit into my A5, and cut a small piece angled at the top to show off the stickers I will tuck inside.

Tada! I love the VBAddict girl on the envelope. And one of my favorite parts when we get an order from Villabeautifful  is the gorgeous Journal cards. This one is my favorite.  It makes me smile each time I open my planner to see this reminder and the wonderful stickers inside. And it looks so fun layered inside my planner pages. Thank you so much for reading, and remember, “You Can Do Amazing Things.”


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