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The VB addict using the VBaddict Sticker Set

Posted on December 13 2016

Hi beautifful girls, it’s Chinky again here to share my Villabeautifful week to all of you.

I don’t know what Tiffany did to me but since ShopVillabeautifful started, I’ve been converted to appreciating pink more and more. Pink used to be one of those things I liked as accents but maybe because I’m an avid VB Addict, it has gotten to my blood. LMAO.

That said, It is more than fitting that I will be sharing how I planned using the VB Addict collection and I also chose to use this because it matches my new Kate Spade Ballet Pink Wellesley planner which my VB sister Celene helped me get.

My layout is pretty simple. I start off my creating a border using some washi tape and its best partner, the VBAddict Clear Tape Planner Sticker Sheet. I love this alternative to washi tape because it’s so easy and simple to use. It also helps that it’s already cut to the perfect size for your planner. I also use this to create some sort of division across the middle of the spread. I just like this streamline effect.

On the left side of the spread, I used the ‘to do’ sticker from the VBAddict Planner Headers Sticker Sheet

to start of the list and layered if over the checklist flag sticker from the VBAddict Weekly Set Planner Stickers and then added that little bow from VbAddict Decorating Planner Sticker Sheet as a nice touch.

I found the small box from VBAddict Decorative Boxes Planner Stickers to be helpful in a little reminder I needed to put on Monday. I also added the ‘special delivery’ sticker from VBAddict Icon Planner Stickers for the reminder to ship out important items on Wednesday. Of course, I also needed that chic VB lady from VbAddict Decorating Planner Sticker Sheet on the spread. 

On the right side of the spread, I used the little box with the bow from VbAddict Decorating Planner Sticker Sheet for some things that needs to be finished by Friday. We have an upcoming school bazaar, so I’m not even sure if the list would fit there but who cares? I’ll make it fit! Lol! Isn’t the planner sticker on the bottom right side of the page so neat? I’d love to have matching mug and cellphone case with those prints too!

After putting all stickers on the page, my final step is to add the days of the week from the VBAddict Planning Words Decorating Sticker Sheet. Since I like a lot of layering with my stickers, this usually becomes the last step so that it won’t be covered up by the other stickers. I’m actually using the rose gold foiled version of the planning words but too bad you can’t see how beautiful it is! Did you know that aside from rose gold foil, VB also offers it in gold, pink and mint? So many options, yay!

Here’s the final look with some stamping, more stickers and a little bit of handwriting. I brought my planner to our planner meet over the weekend to add some finishing touches.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed planning! Don’t forget to show us your spread using the VB stickers, decorating kits or other supplies by tagging @shopvillabeautifful on Instagram or posting it on the VillabeauTIFFul Planner girls Facebook group. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #shopvillabeautifful and #beautiffyyourplanner too, ok?





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