VB Close Up: 10 Ways to Use Washi
Hi VB Community! 

Today I’m going to show you how I like to use VB Washi Tape. I absolutely love the Darkness VBKit washi tape and cannot wait to showcase a total of 10 different ways to use washi tape in your planners/notebooks. Let’s get started!     

VB Washi Tape
Your favorite planner or notebook

1: Decorative Dashboard
The first way I love using washi tape is to decorate pages for a monthly dashboard. I just lay washi tape down at an angle then trim around the edges with scissors. Add the month and there you go! 
2: Page Flags
The next way I like to use washi tape is to mark a page (like my monthly page) with a page flag. You just take a small piece of washi and fold it in half on itself while sticking the edge of the page between it.  
3: Header Background
I like to use washi tape as background for my day of the week headers. It gives them a little something extra as well as a theme for the page. 
4: Header
I also like to use skinny washi tape as the header itself and write my title at the top of it. 
5: Page Border
Make one of your page spreads stand out with a washi tape border! It makes it easy to find when you’re flipping through your pages. 
6: Page Edge
If you’ve seen any picture of my notebooks, you know this is one of my favorite ways to use washi tape, to put it over the page edge. I love how easy it is to flip pages with washi tape and you could also coordinate certain pages with the same color washi. For example, you could use the same washi tape on the page edge for all the pages in the month of October. Then switch the washi tape color/pattern for the next month etc. 
7: Hold Paper/Sticky Notes
Use this trick to put loose paper/photos/ephemera in your planner. The nice thing about washi tape is that it’s not permanent adhesive, so if you need to move your paper or photo, no problem! I also like to use washi to keep sticky notes held down.  
8: Cover Mistakes
Of course I make mistakes writing in my planner all the time, but washi tape makes it super easy (and decorative) to cover them up! 
9: Bookmark
Dress up a plain paper clip with some washi tape and you have a cute bookmark for your planner! Just fold the washi tape on itself over the end of the paper clip and trim the edges however you want.  
10: Swatch Page
Last but not least, is to make a swatch page with all your washi. It’s a nice index page to come back to if you are looking for a specific color/pattern washi tape. Also, if you use washi tape to color coordinate tasks/schedules in your planner, then this is a nice way to reference what each color means. Below is my collection of my VBKit washi tapes so far! 
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  • Danielle Chaffin: October 10, 2021

    Absolutely love this!!!! I have so much washi from VB and other companies I have no idea what to do with it!!!

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