VB Close Up: Aesthetic Set Up Switch Up
Hello there beautiful Villabeautifful community!!!

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. It is crazy to believe we have finished another month getting closer and closer to 2021 being done! Another month also means another VBKit and Tiffany did NOT disappoint with her sixth anniversary Aesthetic Luxe VBKit for August. I still cannot believe how amazing, useful, and beautiful this kit is. 

For some they receive a kit and have so much new and amazing stuff right in front of them that they get overwhelmed as to “where do I begin with all of this!? Ahhh!” Well today I am going to show you how I just jump in without hesitation in revamping and switching things up when I get a new kit. I will be showing you how I switch out covers, decorate front pockets, and reference back to some of my previous blogs to help tie everything together! 

So let’s get started shall we…

Items needed: 
Planner/Journal (whatever method you are wanting to redo using this kit) 
VB Aesthetic craft paper 
Cover (if you are having to switch out for a color/scheme that matches this month, I will be using Notiq cover for my outer cover and a Jane's Agenda planner cover) 
VB Aesthetic pack of journal cards

Tools needed: 
Paper cutter, scissors and other accessory tools (some can be found in the new VB tool kit!)
This is what we have to start with. I had gone with browns and similar colors to match with the Plant Mama VBKit that VB recently released. The colors are gorgeous to me but I have decided to go with more blacks to match the style I am wanting to go with to pair up nicely with the new Aesthetic luxe kit. 
I begin by taking my planner out of the outer shell Notiq planner. I want to replace the sun cover and begin making my planner dividers using the VB craft paper from the paper pack.
Now that I have the front cover switched out to a black floral to better match my luxe kit theme, I will be quickly making and changing out the dividers. Here is the link to my previous blog that goes over how to do this: VB Tutorial: Be Well Dividers

The Aesthetic paper pack came with some GORGEOUS paper design options and I can’t wait to display them in my planner this month. The Plant Mama craft paper had an entire vibe all in itself but it’s good to switch things up, shake them up, and refocus.
These are going to be SO pretty, also notice the VB planner charm at the end of my planner! Now we just continue making and switching out dividers using the craft paper. 
I am obsessed with this one! Here you can see I still have the previous Plant Mama VBKit transparent cards displayed and despite them being beautiful, they will be getting switched out for some of the August VBKit journal cards. 
Please note in the above picture the “create” middle card is from a previous VBKit. The top and bottom cards are from the August Aesthetic luxe kit journal card pack! 

Now that we are done making and switching out dividers we can go on with switching up our set up to match the Aesthetic kit. 
I am switching my brown Notiq cover for a black one. 
I personally have such a love for black so this month and this look will be something that I enjoy looking at when planning my life. As I have always said the remarkable thing about VB products is that you can truly fit them to how YOU need them to fit into your life. There’s no one true correct way to use or display your VB products... just use them! Let your creativity come to life and do what makes you happy!

Since I have changed out my cover I now want to decorate my front pocket. As of this moment I am choosing to keep it super simple using some VB journal cards.
I love and use the transparent flags so much and I want them in my planner easily accessible since this is my everyday carry! 
That completes my set up switch up for this month! Throughout the month I will continue to use the VBKit items and periodically switching out the beautiful journal cards etc. Again the beauty of VB is how versatile it all is! 

Below is a quick after the pen look using the August Aesthetic sticker book to get us started. I can’t wait to keep utilizing this kit to plan and journal my life this month. Be sure to follow me on instagram for more of my looks and how I will be using this month's Aesthetic luxe kit! Say hi and I will be sure to give you a follow back, I love meeting and talking with other like minded individuals who GET this life lol. I hope you have a wonderful September! 
Also worth noting: the pen featured in all of my pictures on today’s blog is the Aesthetic VBPen from the Aesthetic Luxe kit. If you missed out on this kit or want extras be sure you are signed up for the VB Newsletter as that is where updates will come regarding kit extras release day/time! 
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Laura's Instagram!


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