VB Close Up: Dressing up Your VB Tote

Hi Villa Fwens! 

Are you still so amazed by all the amazingness that was in the Merry Minimalist Advent VBKit? I know, me too! I knew immediately when I saw that utility tote that I had to add flair to her, and fill her up with all my planner things. So gather all your beautifful things and let's get started! 

Items to gather up:

Planner Utility Tote (Advent Day 1)
Flair pins
Paper clips
Pen case
VB Clutch
Planner pouch
VBPens / markers / highlighters 
Your planner things that you want close to you to create a beautiful spread

Gather all your favorite flairs, pins, clips, and things that will be going on your tote!
Before pinning, I like to place and figure out what looks best where.
Place your pretty clips in the tote pockets!
Grab your keychains and place them on the side of your tote (where the long strap clasp would go).
Look inside the tote and grab that key holder clasp - we are using it to hold our dangling paper clips… I know great idea, right?! 
Let's start filling her up! Grab your VB stickers and place them in the front pocket of your tote.
Grab your VB Clutch Organizer - she fits right in! Make sure she is filled with all the sticker books!!
Next, add in your VB Mini Pen Case with your favorite VBPens inside!
Another fave from the Merry Minimalist Advent VBKit: the VB Sticker Planner filled with - you guessed it - more stickers because why not?!
In the back pockets I'm putting in the planner pouch from the Cafe Papershire VBKit. Mine is filled with mildliners. The other pocket holds more colorful pens. 
They fit so perfectly!!
Don't forget your beautiful papers! The VBKit envelope pouches fit perfectly inside the tote to keep them all together.
If you're a memory planner or love adding pictures into your planner, your pocket photo printer fits inside too!
Side pockets need love too! I've placed my favorite scissors and ruler in mine.
Card wallets double as amazing storage for the VB transparent stickers and cards!
Voila! She is full of all the planner things and perfect! Please share how you dress yours up with us. The options are endless!!

Happy Holidays fwens!
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  • Lisa Hall: February 03, 2023

    Please email me when the tote is restocked!

  • Cara Banks: January 01, 2021

    Hey, Im so loving all the items that you have set up your Utility tote with. Was any or all the items be sold separately for those who would love to purchase some or all. Thanks for sharing.

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