VB Close Up: Mini HP May PWM

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! Today I am going to show you how I prep for the upcoming month in my mini happy planner using the April Primrose Garden Designer Collab VBKit with The Primrose Corner.

Items used:
Primrose Garden VBKit sticker book
Primrose Garden washi tapes


First I just want to point out and also share a quick tip so you don’t end up like me ooops lol! Be careful where you are placing any paper clips or bookmarks. As you can see, it made a little indentation on the bottom of my May monthly view, but we are just going to roll with it rather than stress about it because hey that’s just life right *shrugs* haha! I will show you how I love to cover up oops moments in my planners.

Alright let's get started, I love to pull my pages out of my planner when decorating or writing in them. This is one reason why I love disc bound systems so much!
I placed a hexagon in the top left hand corner as this area is going to be a focal point for me this month. Then in order to balance it out, I like to place another hexagon on the right side of the page but I decided to place it in the left hand bottom corner because I felt like this is where it “fit” best.
As I stated the left side of the page is going to be a focal point, so I placed the rectangular boxes as such because that is how they would best fit into this space. I added a deco sticker with the swing because the artwork in this collab with The Primrose Corner is just absolutely amazing.

Next you will see I took a piece of washi, cut it in half, & placed one piece on the left hand side and one on the right near the hexagon. I used two transparent dot stickers to place on the bi weekly Fridays to indicate it being a pay day for me.
TIP: Here is how I cut and split my washi when I am wanting to do that on my spreads. I place a piece down on the surface but without fully adhering it to the surface, you want either of the ends sticking up. On the end that is sticking up, I take my scissors and simply cut a small cut down the center of the washi. Once that is done I then grab one side and just rip. Nothing special but it gives it a different look for me that I really love.
After viewing my spread I decided to place a Primrose girl in the right hand top corner in order to balance out the artwork some. I leave a lot of white blank space as I do functional planning but the little pops of beauty and pretty that VB gives me is just what I always need!
Next we are going to jump over and decorate our May overview page. I prefer to do this after I decorate my monthly because it gives me a little bit of an idea of what I want this page to look like.

Again you will see the paper clip marks left on the bottom of my page being a terrible eye sore, but we will be fixing that up because no need to let the small things matter. We simply adjust and move on! 
And ta-da, nothing a little washi or even a sticker can’t hide or handle. In this case I wanted to use the full Primrose floral washi because it was just the right height to hide the marks that were left on the paper and gave me a beautiful base for my spread.
Next I wanted to add a Primrose girl to my spread and decided to place her up top with a long rectangular sticker, using a bee from one of the deco sheets to balance the view out a bit more.
Once I get some deco placing done, I wanted to add a VB checklist marker to the notes section. This is where I will write important notes and such for the month.
Next we are going to utilize some of the VB transparent check list stickers, placing them right under the monthly goals section.
I felt like the area underneath my Primrose art girl was left a little too blank so I decided to break up the lines by adding a hexagon here. Once that was completed, I used the peach floral washi (again ripped in half) to add more details to my section where the bee is and on the bottom half of my page.
Alright so once those pages are completed I like to place them back in my planner and give it another view. Below you will see the finished products for the May overview and monthly view.
Now that we have those pages completed, we are going to head on into decorating our first week in May.
I place one large decorating box each on the left and right side of the page.
Next I added washi to the bottom of the page on the left hand side. I also added a header in the top left hand corner to have this be another checklist area for me, and of course adding a bee in for some extra little pretty.
From there I move to the right side of the weekly view. I add in functional stickers like the “pay bill” one where I need to remember to pay something and a trash sticker so I don’t forget trash day because well that just sucks when you forget an adult task like that lol.
After placing the pages back in my planner, I noticed I wanted to add something a little “more” to the page. Typically when I get that feeling I use washi to add that small last little detail I feel like is needed. Here I decided to split some washi and layer them over the green transparent long stickers that I used which you will see in the close up photo below.
I decided to add a deco girl to the left side of my spread.
And that completes how I prepared for the month of May using the VillabeauTIFFul Primrose Garden VBKit items such as the sticker book and washi. Keep it simple yet keep it beautiful!

Thanks for reading! Please continue to stay safe in all that you do. Talk to you all soon! ❤


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