VB Close Up: On-the-Go Sticker Planner Set Up
Hello VB Fam!

I feel like every time I get a new monthly VBKit, I say the same thing: this is my favorite kit so far! Can anyone relate? It seems like as the company grows, the products get better and better. Well, the 6th Anniversary “Aesthetic” Luxe VBKit certainly does not disappoint! With so many gorgeous kit items to choose from, I had a hard time deciding what to create for this post, but I settled on showing you all how I set up my On-the-Go Sticker Planner. 

Supplies used from the “Aesthetic” Luxe monthly VBKit:
On-the-Go Sticker Planner
VB Notepad 

Other supplies:
Various VBPens Sticker Sheets
VB Sticker Planner Clear Plastic Sleeves
VBPen Catalog 
The first thing that I did was to look through my stash to find all of the sticker sheets that I had collected so far. I wanted to use this sticker planner to keep all of these sheets together.

Once I had gathered them, I used the VBPen Catalog spreadsheet to sort them by order of release date. This way, I can add them to the planner as my collection grows.
Next, I placed the sticker sheets into the protective sleeves. Again, I made sure to refer to the VBPen Catalog to make sure that I kept the sheets in order.
After tackling the sticker sheets, I moved on to the next part of the planner that I wanted to use - the clear dashboard pocket. In order for it to be functional (but still cute), I thought about the supplies that I use most often. I looked through the kit and pulled out the VB Notepad. I am always reaching for notepads throughout the day. And, as I plan on taking this planner with me in my planner bag, adding the notepad was perfect!
Now it was time to add some of my favorite pens to the VBPen Tracker insert included in the sticker planner. I went back to the VBPen Catalog to check the release dates for the pen stickers that I had in my collection.

I used a VBPen sticker and covered the clipart image and then filled out the information for each pen that I wanted to include.
The last thing I did was add a few stickers to the Sticker Release paper at the back of the planner. I had a few random stickers left over from previous kits that I did not want to be lost and forgotten about. I took those stickers from the original sticker sheets and added them to the planner. Now, I have a better chance of using them when I plan in the near future.
Voila! My On-the-Go Sticker Planner is ready to go on some planning adventures. 
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Until next time, happy planning!
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  • Geneva : September 21, 2021

    Where can I get the plastic sleeves to hold the stickers.

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