VB Close Up: Planning with the VB Tool Kit
Hi VB Community! 

Today I’m going to show you how I decorated a weekly spread using one of my favorite items from the Aesthetic 6th Anniversary Luxe VBKit, the VB Tool Kit.  

This VB Tool Kit has everything you need to plan on the go! It comes in a gorgeous white case with a VB keychain. Inside, you get an acrylic ruler, acrylic washi card, travel scissors, mechanical pencil, correction tape, double adhesive tape roller, and tweezers. Can you believe that this is my first pair of planner tweezers?! They are life changing for my planning game if I’m being honest! 

VB Tool Kit
Your favorite planner
Your favorite VBPens
VB Stickers
VB Notepad
Cardstock paper 

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Correction Tape
I used the correction tape to cover up words or colored boxes I didn’t want to show through washi, stickers, or on the page. This is my favorite way to transform a planner page. 
Acrylic Ruler
I used the acrylic ruler to draw a line right down the middle of my to do list to make two columns.

I also used it to measure how big the boxes were that I wanted to cover up with cardstock paper.  
Mechanical Pencil
I used the mechanical pencil to draw the boxes on my cardstock paper. I’m excited that we can refill this pencil to keep using it for a long time.
Travel Scissors
I used the travel scissors to cut out my cardstock boxes and to trim away overhanging stickers and washi tape. I love how the scissors fold up with a cap! 
Double Adhesive Tape Roller
I used the double adhesive tape roller to stick down my cardstock boxes, as well as a page from the notepad that’s included in the kit.  
Acrylic Washi Card
I used the acrylic washi card to store the VB washi tapes from the kit (how beautiful is that floral washi).  

I also used the acrylic washi card to rip my washi to give clean, straight edges. This is my favorite way to use acrylic washi cards.  
I used the tweezers to put the small shape stickers on my spread. These tweezers are pretty amazing and I was missing out all these years without one! 
Last but not least, don’t forget to utilize the little mesh pocket on the inside cover of the tool kit case to store your other favorite planner supplies! 

*Please note: Storing your VBPens where they may rub against other things may cause friction & lead to scratches or paint chipping, especially on matte VBPens. Find more info on the VBPen 101 page.
And there you have it, a beautiful Aesthetic weekly spread all thanks to the handy VB Tool Kit! 
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