VB Close Up: Plant Mama Mini HP Layout
Hello everyone! 

Today I will be sharing how I set up my daily spread using the July “Plant Mama” VBKit! This kit is perfect for all the plant mamas/daddies - all the green, botanical lovers out there. We can’t forget to mention that this wonderful kit is a collab with Papershire.

I am usually an A6 rings person but lately, my mini hp has been my sidekick for the past few months. So get your planners, journals, notepads, whatever out and let’s get our layout started! 
Items that I’ll be using from the Plant Mama VBKit:

Die cut Stickers
Plant Mama Transparent Stickers
Plant Mama 15mm & 7mm washi tape set
VB Plant Mama Sticker Book
Plant Mama clips set
So I am a timed daily type of person and I like to plan ahead. I like to see how my day is broken down. I start by laying down some boxes and using the transparent strips, I lay it down to highlight the times that are busy for me. The diecut stickers are perfect to decorate the empty spaces in my insert too. 
Here’s a little close up of how I set up my dailies! This kit is jam packed with so much stickers that you’re basically set for the month! 
I also use the paper clips included in this kit to hold the pages together. I really love how the color scheme matches my planner!
And here is after the pen! I included some important reminders for myself and tasks I would like to complete for the day. Usually Thursdays and Fridays are busy for me and the family. 
I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me today! Thanks for letting me share how I set up my timed daily! I can’t wait to see how everyone sets up their planners and journals. Until next time! Take care, friends!
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