VB Close Up: Plant Mama Weeks Layout
Hello gorgeous VB community!

It has been so awesome seeing what the community is creating and how you are all using the Plant Mama VBKit collab with Papershire, they really nailed this kit! I personally have been having a ton of fun using this kit. I can’t ever not smile when I open up my planner or journal and see either the cute little stickers or gorgeous washi. 

Check out the kit extras here!

I have been wanting to try out a week's layout for a slimmer option to carry around with me and of course I had to use my Plant Mama kit items to start it off! Today I will be creating a simple week's layout, make sure to read until the end to see the final result with an after-the-pen! 

Items needed: 
Weeks planner (here is the one I will be using
Plant Mama washi 
Plant mama kit sticker book

Tools needed: 
VBPen for tracing 
Marker (I am using a tombow marker, this is to outline parts of the layout) 
I am starting off with decorating the left side beginning with a header. 
Next I am going to start decorating the right side from the bottom up beginning with the leaf washi.

The black clip in the bottom left hand corner shown below that is holding down my page is a VB magnetic clip. I love using it when decorating!
Then I continue to build up from the bottom up on the right hand side. These little clipboard stickers are going to be where I write down some goals and ideas.

I also use the Plant Mama Transparent Mini Sticker Set, perfect way to use these stickers combined together! 
Another way I further use the mini icon stickers from the kit on the left side is notating important tasks I need to remember like this, the trash and pay day! LOL.
Next I use the checklist stickers but I cut them in half so I can place them in the given spot with ease (the squares on the left hand side).

Then the bigger box stickers towards the end of the sticker book are absolutely perfect for balancing out the right side of this weeks layout. Look at how cute so far, I am loving it!!!
I placed another header underneath the notes and things box. I decided to use the “things to do” that looks like a blurb and then use my transparent page flags as a quick way to trace a black box surrounding the header to make it look a little more uniformed. 
From here is where I use the marker to outline again the square box I traced.
Here is a close up of how I decorated and layered the stickers to create this look:
That completes my “Before the pen” look. I LOVE how this turned out and I know as the weeks go by more creation ideas will come for decorating this cute little week's planner. I must say these VB stickers and kit items will definitely help with that because of how versatile they are! 
As you can see throughout the weeks more gets added like washi and a page flag to remind me of something important. I always love seeing completed weeks even if they are not perfect but neither is life and it can be absolutely beautiful!

I hope you have a wonderful September! 
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  • Darlene Jenkins: September 08, 2021

    I love everything about this PLANT MAMA KIT! Your layouts are gorgeous.

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