VB Close Up: Preplanning with a Sticker Release Insert
Hello VB Fam!

Let me just start by saying that there is beauty in darkness (see what I did there?). The “Darkness” VBKit has a gorgeous color palette, and I could not wait to dive in! I am so excited to use the B6 Sticker Release insert and the monthly sticker book to pre-plan a weekly spread. I am constantly changing my mind when I’m placing stickers down on my layouts. I know we’ve all felt the agony of slowly peeling up a sticker only to hear the dreaded rip of it tearing. This booklet is going to be a game-changer for me! Keep reading to see how I used it to pre-plan in my classic-sized planner. 

Supplies used from the “Darkness” VBKit:
“Darkness” Sticker Book
B6 Sticker Release Insert
The first thing that I did was to look through my the sticker book to decide which stickers I wanted to pull for the week. I decided that I definitely wanted to use the clipboard stickers because those are my favorite functional stickers in the book. I also added one decorative full box sticker to the page. I like to limit those since I try my best to use one of those decorative elements each week. I also added a couple of the smaller boxes and headers to use throughout the spread.
Next, I added the day-of-the-week headers to the page. I’m using July dated Cloth & Paper® inserts in my planner for this spread, and I want to cover the headings and dates that are already on the planner pages. These date covers are perfect for redating unused planner pages! I picked out a couple of flags to cover the monthly headings that are at the top of each page. 
Now that I had all the elements for the weekly spread, I also wanted to cover up a mini July calendar that was already on the layout. I added a double box sticker that was the perfect size to cover it up, and, at the same time, add some additional writing space for the week. To finish up the preplanning, I added a few more decorative stickers and a few icon stickers to notate some important events that I needed to remember. 
Preplanning for the week made it so much easier to create this spread. Normally, it takes me a while to plan because I’m a bit indecisive. I constantly place stickers down only to take them back up time and time again, sometimes ruining my stickers in the process.

Using this method, I was able to look at the blank page and pick out stickers while being able to visualize where they would go. And best of all, there were no stickers ruined in the process! I would say that using this B6 Sticker Release Insert is a WIN!
Here’s how my weekly spread turned out! Using the B6 Sticker Release Insert made it so easy to preplan my spread. I was able to place stickers down and replace them with ease and without thinking twice about destroying them. If you’re like me, and sometimes have a hard time choosing from all the gorgeous VB stickers to use in a spread, I highly recommend you try this out! 

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Until next time, happy planning!
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