VB Close Up: Serenity Monthly Layout
Hi VillaBabes!

For this month's blog post I’ll be sharing how I used the Serenity VBKit to plan my month in a PrintPression weeks planner.

One of my favorite things in the VBKits (besides the digitals) are the sticker books. There is a nice variety of stickers to use on different types of planners. Sometimes it can take a little thinking outside the box to make something work, but I can guarantee you there is something in the sticker book for any and all planners.

Keep on reading to see how I used the sticker book and washi to set up my monthly layout.
I started off by using the thinner washi to add deco across the top of the month. The gunmetal foil on this washi is so gorgeous!
I’m sure a lot of you know this “hack” but if you use the edge of a card or ruler, and pull your washi straight up, it makes a perfect tear. And lucky us, there is a card with transparent page flags that was perfect for this hack. Woohoo!
I flipped to the last page in the sticker book and wanted to use the days of the week stickers across the top of my page, except they were a little too big. I took the card with the page flags to use as my straight edge and then cut them down to my desired size.
Once they were cut, they fit perfectly across the top of the page.
Next, I added my numbers. I don’t love my handwriting, but for some reason I love it in my planner. I enjoy seeing old notes that my grandma had written, it has made me embrace my own hand writing and use it in my planners. Maybe one day someone will enjoy seeing my writing just like how I love seeing my grandma's old notes.
Time to lay down some more washi! I like to add washi to the days I work. I don’t really do much on my work days besides work so I like to fill the space with washi. It’s also a great visual, washi = work day.
Time to add the fun stuff! Due to Covid-19 I don’t have much going on right now, but I do have a haircut scheduled, so I used a small sticky note sticker to add the time of my appointment along with a cute scissors icon sticker. I also outlined my boxes with the Serenity VBPen to make the boxes stand out a little more and have more of a separation between them.
Once I have my month planned, it’s time to add more pretty and deco it up. I love the quotes that are within the VBKit. They’re always motivational and empowering. It’s nice to open your planner and read something inspiring.
Here is my final monthly layout. The beauty of the VBKits is that there are so many different ways to use the kit to fit your style of planning.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re enjoying the May Serenity VBKit as much as I am!

Happy Planning!
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