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Hi everyone!! 

Today I wanted to share how I set up my VB sticker albums. You can find them in the shop HERE. All the basic information is listed in the product description as well. It's 5x7" (B6 size!) with 10 clear pockets, 10 sheets of sticker release paper, and an elastic closure.
The cover itself is clear with glitter and SO pretty! I love how it looks layered over different papers. For my cover sheets, I chose to go all out. One cover features a washi dashboard I made on a piece of 5x7 white cardstock. The other is a piece of scrapbook paper trimmed and then decorated with a small journaling card, stickers, die cuts, and washi. I use a B6 TN so I have a lot of things to work with that are already perfectly sized for this album. Lots of shops make 5x7 dashboards or journaling cards, and those would be super easy to pop in as your cover too!
The clear pockets are side loading. I like to place sticker sheets facing both the front and the back rather than just facing one way. I've found that this is a great way to store my VB Kit leftovers and easily see what pages I still have available for future layouts.
The sticker release paper is like the sticker collecting book of my childhood dreams! It's a wonderful way to compile all of those smaller sampler sheets that come with most orders within the planner community.

I also like to keep random kit leftovers there, such as any scripts, flags, or small deco that I didn't use yet. This makes it easy to go back and find color coordinating items that I may be missing from one kit but can pull from an older kit.

Pro-tip: Don't place small stickers too close to the crease in the middle. I've found that stickers near the binding tend to fall off when the pages are turned. 
This album is also a space saver when it comes to traveling. You can load up all your kits and sticker sheets into the pockets. Then, the sticker release paper can be used for all the smaller pieces or bits from larger sheets that won't fit into the pockets. You can use it to preplan before your trip by making sure you have enough headers, trackers, travel deco etc without having to carry your entire sticker collection with you.
And because I hope you can learn from my mistakes, I want to share this info from the listing:
  • When storing your foil stickers (especially ones that are hand made) lay a piece of wax paper between the foil and plastic to prevent the plastic from lifting the foil. The plastic pocket will cling to the foiled sticker and lift the foil. 
  • Be aware some inkjet stickers will transfer ink to the plastic especially if they are saturated with ink. A piece of wax paper will prevent this from happening between the plastic and sticker sheet. 
  • Keep your sticker album away from heat and direct sunlight. The heat will warm up the plastic sheets and transfer the foil or ink to the plastic. 

This has only happened to me once and from an older, non-foiled kit (see photo below), but it is important to make sure you are aware of how to best protect your stickers and your album. 
The VB Kit sticker book itself will not fit into the pockets but with a little bit of trimming, the sticker sheets will! You can use scissors or a paper trimmer for this.

The first step is to carefully pull the sheets apart from the covers. Once you have all of the sticker sheets out, it's time to cut them down to size. My advice is to trim each sheet individually rather than the whole stack. This way you avoid accidentally cutting into any of the designs.

I usually keep the kits in the sticker books until I use them. After I've used them, I put all of the leftover pages into the sticker album for future use. That's one of my favorite things about the stickers included in VB Kits.... THERE ARE SO MANY!!!
I am still playing around with organizing mine, so I LOVE the fact that I can place and replace stickers as much as needed on the sticker release sheets. I can do a full sheet of character stickers or a mixed sheet of deco or a page of perfectly lined up checklists. 

The clear pockets can also be used to hold photos or your favorite journaling cards or dashboards that you aren't currently using in a planner!

I'm also a big fan of the album's size. Great for tossing in a planner bag, stacking on a shelf, or lined up in your planner cart! 
If you already have yours set up, I'd love to see some photos! Feel free to share in the VB Facebook group or drop your Instagram handle in the comments below. Social media links are listed at the bottom of this blog entry if you'd like to check those out! 

Thanks for reading! 
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