VB Close Up: Sticker Planner Set Up
Hola VB Amigos,

This month we are celebrating Shop Villabeautifful’s 6th year anniversary and August’s Aesthetic Luxe Kit is full of astonishing planner goodies.

It was so hard to pick which item I wanted to showcase seeing as there are so many wonderful items included. I gave it some thought and I truly fell in love with the new VB Sticker Book. 

I’ll be sharing how I have set up my book and hopefully inspire as well. 

The Clear Frosted On The Go Sticker Planner includes 6 pages of VBPen Tracker information. This is very useful for someone like me who tends to forget where I save my pen details. I love that Tiffany designed these pages so that we can add the pen stickers to the side which comes with all VBKits. 

I added the most recent pens that I have received. 
Another great idea was that it was also designed to go along with the previous VB Sticker Planner. I added the unused pocket inserts for my VB sticker pack. A bonus, these fit perfectly in the pockets.  
Along with the pages she also included 1 clear pocket insert where I added my favorite quote cards. The floral designs in this kit are simply breathtaking. 
There are 6 Sticker Release Papers which I used to fill up with my favorite unused stickers from previous kits. I picked out my favorite ones and added them to the sheets. 
And that about wraps it up! I added the magnetic pen holder to the cover for a touch of style and just in case I need to add a pen to my new sticker book.
Thank you for stopping by, I hope I inspired you today to use your new Sticker Planner and hope to see you posting in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group or IG. 

Have a lovely week and Happy Planning my friends!
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