VB Collab: Planner Supply Organizer Set Up
Hi VB Community! 

Today we're going to be showcasing the VB Planner Supply Organizer featured in the November "Duchess" Luxe VBKit! This was such a fun surprise product & I'm really looking forward to seeing all the photos & videos showing how you're using yours! In this blog Laura & Keisha have put together two set ups to share ideas & inspiration on ways to pack & use your Planner Supply Organizer. You can also watch Tiffany's reveal & set up HERE!

November "Duchess" Luxe VBKit extras release on Thursday, Dec 30th at 11 AM PST. Products will be available in limited quantities as these are all leftovers from fulfilling the preordered VBKits. Shop right at release time for the best selection! Shop In-Stock Kit Extras HERE.
Hello wonderful VB community! I hope this month is treating you well and if you preordered the Duchess Luxe VBKit I know you received some bonus “treats” this month in the form of some gorgeous new planner items that Tiff packed this kit full of! We can always leave it to Tiff to surprise us and step outside of the box and give us products that are not only beautiful but useful and functional in our everyday lives. I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE to use my kit items. When I saw Tiff reveal this VB Planner Supply Organizer I immediately fell in love and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to stuff it full.

What you can pack in this organizer varies so much and the possibilities are endless. Below is a quick run down of some key items that I felt absolutely necessary to pack along with me. I will be using this as my on the go and all things journal related organizer that way I can have my journal and several items wherever I am. So let's get into it: 
  • I decided to move my “pretty pens” insert to the front of the organizer and have the supply pouch in the back. For some reason having my beautiful VBPens front and center makes me happy lol
  • I have placed my VB Wellness Journal at the back of the organizer, it fits so nicely! 
  • Uni Pin Pen. These pens come in three different sizes and I prefer to keep all three with me if I need to switch up how fine I need to write or not. 
  • VB ruler 
  • VB Tool Kit items from the Aesthetic Luxe VBKit 
  • Scissors
  • Washi on a washi card (I recycle and use a VB transparent page flag backing)
  • VB sticky notes 
  • VB die cuts (from the Primrose and Plant Mama Kit) 
  • VB sticker books (I fit two in my organizer) 
  • VB transparent stickers

This is just a quick overview of what I am currently stuffing my VB Planner Supply Organizer with. I know it’ll change and most likely daily but the fact I can stuff this much and have it fit with ease is amazing! I can’t wait to be able to tote this gorgeous organizer around and have my items that I love on hand. Have a wonderful rest of your December, sending you love and joy! 

- Laura | @lala_planslife
Hey VB Fam! I don’t know about you, but every month I have a new favorite VB product! The VB Planner Supply Organizer from the Duchess Luxe VBKit is the ultimate on-the-go planner essential. There is beauty AND function in this organizer, and I couldn’t wait to stuff it. I was surprised that I was able to include all of my most-used planner supplies, and I still had room for more! Check out the photos below for how I put it all together. 

On the left side, I have some sticky notes inside the VB Essentials Clear Supply Wallet as well as the Duchess Ephemera Die Cuts and Wax Seal stickers. Inside the zippered pocket, I was able to get my 15-piece set of Mildliner highlighters inside with room to spare.

The setup would not be complete without pens, pens, pens (and my new mechanical pencil from the Artisan VBKit). I love that whenever there is a pen accessory, Tiffany always makes sure there is a way to keep your pens protected.

In the back, I decided on more functional items such as the Duchess sticky notes and sticker book. To finish it up, I included two Transparent Mini Sticker sets because I use these all the time to notate dates in my monthly layouts.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how chunky she is? I can tell that this is going to be one of my most-used products from VB. If you didn’t preorder the Duchess Luxe VBKit, be on the lookout for the VB Newsletter for info about Kit Extras. As we head into the holidays, don’t forget to give yourself a few gifts as well! You can call it self-care!

- Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff
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  • Gloria Ruffino: May 16, 2022

    How come there hasn’t been any new Planner Inspo posts since December 2021? I look forward to these and check back frequently. These posts are very helpful especially when I have a blank on how to use or what to do with a product or kit. I hope to see more of these! 😘💖
    Thank you!! -Gloria

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