VB Clutch Wallet + VBWeeks Set Up
Hi everyone! 

We're so excited to be showcasing the new VB Clutch Wallet, featured in the August "Beauty Mark" Anniversary Luxe VBKit.

In this blog Laura & Keisha have teamed up to share their ideas & photo inspiration on ways you can set up & use your VB Clutch Wallets, along with the new VBWeeks notebook & accessories!
Check out Tiffany's VB Clutch Wallet + VBWeeks set up here!
Hello beautiful VB fam! I first want to congratulate Tiffany and VB on SEVEN years, this luxe VB kit was everything I could have imagined for the 7th anniversary kit and then some… I mean we got a clutch wallet and VBWeeks notebook…what!?!? In true VB extra style Tiff made sure we received everything we needed to be able to set it all up.

The attention to details always blows me away and I hope Tiff knows she is so appreciated. Today I want to highlight this new product and give a quick rundown on how I am going to be using mine, this may change as time goes on but that's the beauty of this product is you can totally switch it up and use it how you NEED and not be locked into it only being able to serve you and your life in one way. I had been using a cheap faux hobo weeks from Amazon as an appointment/budget book and now this beautiful VBWeeks will be taking its place.
In the VBWeeks weekly section I will be writing any appointments on the left hand side and any pertinent bills that need to be paid. 

On the right hand side I will have sections where I can track and write down every transaction that I make and no spends/other notes.

Since I am using this as a budget book I love that we were given a trifold folder to place not only stickers but receipts from the week. I will be cross checking these at the end of each week and file away the receipts after the completion of each week. 
I hope that you all have fun setting up your VB Clutch Wallets and using this beautiful product in your life. I can't wait to see how everyone sets this up and to get inspiration from you all as well! I look forward to using this VBWeeks and Clutch Wallet set up. 

I definitely will be sharing before and after the pen pictures on both the Villabeautifful Facebook group and Instagram. If you did not reserve this kit and have been eyeing it, don’t forget that September 16th is when kit extras release!  

- Laura | @lala_planslife

Hello VB Fam!

Like many of you, I am over-the-moon about the “Beauty Mark” Anniversary Luxe VBKit! As usual, all of the products are top-notch, but I cannot get enough of the new Clutch Wallet and VBWeeks planner system. The combination has become my new on-the-go planner. Keep reading to see how I have set mine up to be fun yet functional!
The first thing that I needed to do was to set up my monthly calendar. To help with the placement, I used my VB tweezers (these were included in last year’s Aesthetic Anniversary VBKit).
After laying down the date stickers, I used a few of the stickers and the skinny washi. As the format is small, I wanted to make sure that I maximized the space.

I used a highlighter to mark off some of this month’s important dates. I’ll be using the monthly as a quick overview of things I need to remember. Having this planner with me daily will help me ensure that I don’t have scheduling conflicts. Since there was some space at the bottom of the calendar, I decided to add a bit of washi to the bottom to balance things out.
Now, it was on to the weekly spread!

I used a ruler to draw a horizontal line down the center of the page to split the boxes for each day. On the left side of the line, I will be jotting down tasks that I need to complete each day. This could be things like errands, phone calls and emails, birthdays, etc. On the right side, I’ll write things that I need to do as related to the tasks. For example, if there is a birthday that I need to acknowledge, I will write it on the left side. Then, on the right side I could write things like get a card, send a text, or call. 
Next, I placed the date covers on the left side of the spread. Again, I used tweezers to keep them aligned.

Then, I decided to split the right page into three zones. The first is a “to do” section where I will record weekly tasks. This is where I will start my weekly planning. Once all of my tasks are recorded, I can transfer each item to the appropriate day of the week. Think of it as a mini brain dump.

The next section will be a “to buy” section. This section will change according to my specific needs each week. Other headers that I could use are work tasks, meal planning, note to self, etc. The possibilities for this page are endless!
The last zone will be a sleep tracker. I struggle with insomnia, so having this information at my fingertips will be so convenient when having discussions about my health with my doctor.
I also used the transparent page flags to pre-plan. I’ll continue to do this for events that I know that I need to attend to but may not have a specific date or time.
Then, I went back to the left side and added some of the icon stickers for some things that I already knew would be on my schedule for the week. 
Once I finished the spread, I moved on to the tri-folder. I plan on carrying a VBWeeks sticker sheet inside so that I can add deco through the week as I plan. I am also going to put the date stickers inside so that I can use the bullet points on my spread as needed.

The last items I added to the folder were my clear ruler and a set of VB sticky notes. This whole setup is perfect for on-the-go planning. It can be pretty but still functional.
And, there you have it! A perfect on-the-go planning system! I am in love with the Clutch Wallet not only because of the design, but also because of its functionality. The fact that the VBWeeks is undated is an added plus. When life gets too hectic, I can skip a week without feeling pressured.

I am so excited to see how everyone incorporates the VBWeeks and Clutch Wallet into your planner lineup. Feel free to tag me @drinkcoffee.makestuff and @shopvillabeautifful on Instagram and make sure you post in the Villabeautifful Facebook group.

- Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff

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