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Hello VB Community!

Today I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks for making the most of your VBKit digitals! 



The digitals are an exclusive bonus for reserved VBKits - it’s an added perk to reserve your VBKit each month. Digitals may not be purchased separately or shared with others. If you purchase a full VBKit during “Kit Extras” releases, digitals will not be included. You can find more information on VBKit reservations & VBKit FAQ HERE.



Digital content includes a folder containing multiple paper patterns and clip art designs coordinating to the monthly VBKit themes.

Each digital download also comes with a Terms of Use policy that must be followed, I.E., digitals are strictly for PERSONAL use only and cannot be sold (either in digital or physical form), or shared. We have linked the Terms of Use HERE for you to view. Please review these terms in full. If there is a breach of these terms, you will not be allowed to purchase from www.shopvillabeautifful.com and your account will be terminated without notice.



First things first, you need to download the digitals. If you reserved a VBKit, an email containing your digital downloads is automatically sent once your order has been marked as shipped. If you do not receive the email notification, check your spam / junk / promotion folders first, then email VB Customer Service after Kit Week has ended. Please be sure to check all your inboxes & do a keyword search for "villabeautifful" and "digitals" prior to contacting customer service. 

You must download the digitals from a desktop computer or have an app on your smartphone to "unzip" a file. The files may not work if you try to save them directly to your phone or device.

Check out the video below for more details and a step-by-step look at how I find, save, and start designing with my VB digitals each month.

How to Save & Download Your VB Digitals



Please keep in mind you only have 6 downloads for each set of VBKit digitals.

JAN 2022 UPDATE: Due to a change in our digital system, you now have 30 days from receiving your VB Digitals email to download your digitals. After 30 days the files are taken off the server to make room for new files. Please download the digitals once you receive the email and store them in a drive or cloud storage until you are ready to use them. If you did not receive your digitals email during Kit Week, please:

1) double check all of your Spam/Junk/Promotion inboxes

2) do a keyword search for "VillabeauTIFFul" and "digitals" in your emails

3) and if you still can't locate the email, please contact VB Customer Service ASAP.

Once the files have been removed from the system after 30 days, they cannot be recovered to be sent again.

Make sure to download them as soon as you get the email so you don't miss out!

Please contact VB Customer Service prior to reaching the download limits if you have any trouble with the digital download link. We cannot reset the download link if you use all six of your downloads or if you wait past the link expiration date.



After saving your digital files, it's time to start creating! The possibilities are endless. Dashboards, dividers, planner covers, stickers, die cuts, page markers, bookmarks, folders... the list goes on and on! 

My favorite tools for getting crafty with VB digitals are Canva and the Silhouette Studio. Both are FREE (my favorite LOL)!! Canva has paid features, but you can do so much with the free version also. You don't have to have an actual Silhouette cutting machine in order to download and utilize the free design software. I've made a few different video tutorials that are available on my YouTube channel using both of these methods, if you'd like to take a look at those. 

The VB Design Team has also created some incredible projects featuring the VB Digitals! You can find projects & step-by-step tutorials on the Planner Inspiration section of the shop. You can even use the shop's search bar to filter for specific blog keywords, such as "digitals" "dashboard" "cover" "dividers" etc if you have a particular project in mind! 


Here are just a few of the tutorials you can find on the VB Blog & Youtube:

The videos below are tutorials for a few of my favorite projects using two different VBKit digital packs, "Simplicity" and "VB Studio."

Digital Art Tutorial ft. "Simplicity" by villabeauTIFFul
Digital Art Tutorial ft. VB Studio" by villabeauTIFFul



The digital content is one of my favorite parts of the VBKits! You can really personalize your set ups and coordinate all of your planners to one kit, all with that gorgeous villabeauTIFFul aesthetic. 

Want to share your own VB Digital creations or find more inspiration? Join the villabeauTIFFul facebook group and tag @shopvillabeautifful when sharing on Instagram. 

Hopefully this will help jumpstart your digital designing and inspire some really fun projects. I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations around the web!


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