VB Product Close Up: Full Box Sticky Notes
Hi VB Community! 

In today's VB Blog we'll be showcasing the new VB Essentials Full Box Sticky Notes & different ideas for using these functional & pretty planner accessories! 

These full box sticky notes are perfect for jotting down quick notes or lists and will fit great in classic 1.5" width planner sections! VillabeauTIFFul also offers a Clear Supply Wallet to store and organize your full box sticky notes!

Shop the Full Box Sticky Notes here.

Product Details: 
  • Size: 1.5 in. x 1.9 in.
  • gold foiling details
  • 30 sheets per pad
  • each color has different sayings
  • self adhesive | use double sided adhesive to add more tackiness

Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a look at some various ways the VB Design Team is using their VB full box sticky notes!
Hello VB Fam!

I love the idea of planning ahead. Today, I will be sharing how I use the VB full box sticky notes to preplan in my classic size planner. The sticky notes are perfect for planning out events or tasks that may not be set in stone.

I use my monthly layout to record things I need to schedule in the month ahead. The first thing I did was to decide on which sticky notes I would use. For this spread, I chose five different types of notes to use for my November pre-planning. I love being able to jot down things that I need to do in the month ahead but may have fluid due dates.

As the month gets closer, I can remove the sticky notes when the tasks or events have actually been scheduled. This allows me to build my schedule around the things that I want or need to take care of.

- Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff
Hola VB friends!

Happy to share today how I use the VB Essentials Full Box Sticky Notes! My daily planning insert sometimes has important information that needs to be highlighted. For instance in the section shown below I added a mini shopping list on a full box sticky note. I don’t always carry my planner out with me so this was a good way of just bringing the sticky note when I shop.

(Check out how well the sticky note worked for this planner once it was turned horizontally! Always make your planners and planner accessories work for you!!

I also need reminding of future projects and with the “focus on things” sticky note it makes a lot of sense to be able to move it to another day just in case the project wasn’t completed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my paragraph and hope this helps you in your planning setup! 

- Aida | @aida_gatch
Hi everyone! 

Today I will be showing how I used the VB full box sticky notes in my Wonderland222 A5 planner! Do keep in mind my vertical columns in my A5 are bigger than the standard 1.5 inches. The full box sticky notes measure 1.5 in. x 1.9 in. Since my planner is an hourly planner, the sticky notes don’t hide the times, which works perfectly for me!

Below you can see I used seven out of the ten sticky notes to mark different tasks and lists in my planner. I love the variety of sticky notes in the VB Essentials bundle since it accommodates the different needs for each day. I set the sticky notes in the specific areas I need reminders. 

(This would also work great for color coordinating tasks along with the VB Essentials Vellum Page Flags!)

I hope you enjoyed my way of using the full box sticky notes! Until next time friends!

- Anie | @bubblepuddle
Hi VB Community! 

Here’s a little idea of how I’m using the VB Full Box Sticky Notes. I created some dry erase bookmarks with them to carry over from week to week. I took some fall-themed card stock and cut it wide enough to fit the full box sticky notes and long enough to fit 2-3 of them.  

Next I placed the sticky notes on the cardstock and then in a laminating sheet. Finally I laminated the bookmark then trimmed down the sides.

If you want to put it in a discbound or ringbound planner, make sure to leave enough laminate on the left side of the bookmark to hole punch. I love writing on these bookmarks with an Ultra Fine Expo Dry Erase marker.  I can’t wait to see how you use these VB Full Box Sticky Notes!

- Stephanie | @skinneyplans
Hello beautifful VB community!

Today I wanted to share with you all how I make a craft paper sticky note dashboard. This is something that can be switched up to fit your needs and/or your planner but I love having an easy spot in my planner to be able to write down quick notes.

Items needed:
Craft paper cut to size (I used one from the Aesthetic Luxe VBKit for my mini happy planner) 
VB tool kit set (mainly using the double sided tape roller)
Washi (I used the Aesthetic abstract lines washi)

  • Trim and punch your craft paper to fit your planner size, mine is a mini happy planner size. 
  • Leave the full box sticky notes attached to the backing cards. I am going to use white out to cover the wording on the bottom and top only leaving the beautiful “Villabeautifful” logo visible. 
  • Use a thinner washi of your choice to wrap around the bottom and the top of the card. I personally chose to wrap it twice to make the washi bolder but you can always choose to do this differently. 
  • Then use the double sided adhesive tape roller to adhere the back of the card to the craft paper. 
Tip - after you have gone through all of your sticky notes attached to the backing card, you can take your double sided tape roller and attach a new sticky note stack to it in order to continue to use this sticky note dashboard. 

- Laura | @lala_planslife
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Thanks for reading & we hope you've found some inspiration for using these FUNctional VB products! Don't forget to give the VB Design Team members a follow over on Instagram to see all the incredible inspiration on their pages.


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