VB Product Close Up: Plant Mama Pen Pouch
Hola VB Amigos,

Welcome back and thank you for joining me! Today I am showcasing the VB x Papershire Bunny Pen Pouch. A new product featured in the Plant Mama VBKit - which I think was a fabulous idea. 

Not only is the bunny the cutest image you have ever seen, it's also very functional. In the photo below, you can see I have laid out all the items that I currently pack in my pouch. 

* Product Info from Shop VillabeauTIFFul
Plant Mama Bunilla Standing Pouch: This pouch is the perfect accessory for storing your pretty pens and supplies. Adjustable from short to tall to fit your needs - slide it down to the shorter size to use as a standing pen container or slide it up to the taller size and zip it for easy storage on the go!
Artwork by Papershire Stationery.
Using the pouch zipper I also found the perfect spot to add my acrylic washi card set that I used to place my page flags on instead. A very functional and versatile item as well. 
I just love how it can sit perfectly next to my set up, ready to go. Looking at the cute design puts a smile on my face!
Once you’re done with planning out your day you can zip it up, expand it, and reveal a much cuter design. 

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope to see you share your love for the VB products in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group or any social media outlet. I am always looking to get inspired by you and hope to return the favor.
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