VB Product Close Up: Vellum Page Flags
Hi VB Community! 

Today we're going to be showcasing the new VB Essentials Vellum Page Flags & various ways to use these functional, pretty planner accessories! 

Page flags are the perfect way to add a repositionable tab or temporarily mark a section in books, planners, journals, and more! VillabeauTIFFul also offers a Clear Supply Wallet to store and organize your page flags!

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Product Details: 
  • Size: 1.5 in. x .50 in.
  • Material: transparent thick vellum
  • 35 page flags per stack
  • self adhesive | use double sided adhesive to add more tackiness

Things to keep in mind: 
  • Due to the nature of the vellum material, the stack of flags do have a slight bend which is why the stack is not mounted on the backer card. The flags will lay flat on paper.
  • The adhesive on the back of the flags is repositionable. If you would like more of a permanent / stronger hold, use double sided adhesive tape to secure your flag in place.
  • Use an oil-based pen for these page flags | Uni-Pin Pen, Sharpie Fine Tip Pen, Sakura Micron Pen
  • These page flags are different from the ones featured in previous VBKits that are on the clear PVC card. Those page flags are more of a plastic material while these are a thicker vellum. 

Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a look at a few different ideas for using them from the VB Design Team!
Hi VB Community! I want to give you an idea of how I’m using the new Vellum Page Flags. I have multiple social media accounts and wanted a way to organize my posts for each account on my weekly spread.

These Vellum Page Flags are perfect to color coordinate my different accounts. This method would also work great for planning out different people's schedules in a household, school assignments for different classes, or anything where you need to sort multiple topics. 

I also love that the flags are moveable if my schedule changes. I used a Uni Pin Pen to write on them and prevent smearing. I can’t wait to see how you use these Vellum Page Flags!

- Stephanie | @skinneyplans
Hi everyone! Today I'll be sharing how I used the vellum page flags from the VB Essentials line to organize my sticker collection! For this project, I made labels on clear tape using my label maker and layered them on top of the vellum flags. It’s a great way to color code my sticker organization. 

One of the things I appreciate the most about this collection is the variety of shades. I used one of each color + a couple extras. The texture is very smooth and pretty easy to write on. I recommend using a Uni pen or Sharpie to prevent smudging. I decided to use my label maker to make it easier for me, but the choice is totally up to you! 

Below you’ll see a close up of the flags on a clear background showing the variety of the shades, which I love! To organize my sticker album, I flipped through and noted the sections I needed. I chose the page flag colors at random to coordinate with the section names.

Now I have my sticker album ready to easily flip through to find what I need! Thanks for hanging out with me. Can’t wait to see your creations!

- Anie | @bubblepuddle
Hello amazing VB community! I'm going to show you how I utilize the new vellum page flags from the VB Essentials line. There are a lot of different ways to use these page flags and one way I use them is for reading & journaling. 

First pick a bookmark! I decided to use this beautiful VB one that was released in the Au Revoir VBKit. Next I use different page flags to line the bookmark. When reading, I notate pages of quotes, paragraphs, or even parts of the book that I am wanting to refer back to later. As you can see below I then place a few words on the vellum page flag so I can easily find where I am wanting to focus. From there, if I decide to journal about whatever it is that I was reading that was sooo noteworthy, I use the page flag on that journal day and start decorating, writing, and reflecting.

This method would also be helpful for studying & notating important sections in a textbook, favorite recipes in a cookbook, etc!

Another way I have used the page flags is to track how many pages I have read or where I left off in the book. You can completely switch it up for your needs but I LOVE using the vellum page flags when reading and journaling. I hope this helped you or inspired you to use your vellum page flags in another way. Have a great day! 

- Laura | @lala_planslife
Hola VB amigos! Today we are featuring the new VB Essentials line and I couldn't be more excited to share how I use them. Now there are several ways to use vellum page flags. Just remember when planning, always keep in mind you are using products and making them work for your style of planning.

I like to highlight my monthly inserts with printed page flags using my pc, word software, and a laser printer (this will not work with inkjet printers). First pick out your favorite font, type your label text spaced out on basic printer paper, & then print. You may have to test the sizes to find the best fit. Then layer your vellum page flags on top of the printed basic paper sheet where the text is lined up on your page flags & run it back through the printer. Quick and easy!

Don't forget if you do not have a printer no worries - there are several pens and markers that work just fine. I have used the Uni Pin 01 (an oil based ink marker pen that dries instantly) & added monthly side tabs to my insert making it easy to find my monthly section. Hope I was able to help inspire you today. Happy Planning VB friends!

- Aida | @aida_gatch
Hello VB Fam!

Today, I’ll be sharing an idea to shave some time off of your planner routine. I use the VB vellum page flags to notate recurring tasks on my planner inbox that I use in my work planner.

I use the Uni Pin pens from the VB shop to write down the important tasks that I have to complete every week. Since these are things that are recurring, I place them on my inbox and then write down specific actions that I will need to complete for each task. This is a quick but effective way to remind myself to dive deeper into each task every week so that I think about the explicit actions that are needed for each area. 

- Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff
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Thanks for reading & we hope you've found some inspiration for using these FUNctional VB products! Don't forget to give the VB Design Team members a follow over on Instagram to see all the incredible inspiration on their pages.


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