VB Spoilers: Planner Set Up
Hey friends, Cece here today sharing another beautiful project in my A6 planner, This time I'm using the beautiful Advent Calendar November VB Kit. Again...please proceed with caution, the contents are just gorgeous and a secret if you haven’t opened your kit yet. If you have received your kit, are you #teamopen or #teamwait? I was a little bit of both, but I had to be #teamopen just so I could share how I'm using my kit with you guys. When I first saw everything from the kit, I knew immediately that I had to do a set up that I could look at every single day when I opened my planner. A pretty planner set up is so inspirational.
The first few things I knew I needed for this set up were dividers of course! I cut mine using my Cricut. It's super easy to create a divider template of your own or visit Etsy to purchase one. Since I'm making them for an A6 planner, I have plenty of paper left over for another pretty planner project. I'm thinking about setting up my micro planner too!
Next, I upload, print, and cut some of the images from the digital kit we get with every kit preorder. These digital images can be used in multiple ways. One way is digital planning. Check out this post I did on digital planning here. The images you print can be any size and you can even make stickers!
So far I've made dividers and die cuts to fix my planner up. I even added some cutouts on two of the dividers to say: Inbox and Notes.

Side note: Look at how cute that bow is - it's from this kit!
All that cutting and arranging to have the prettiest VB pocket ever!
I absolutely love how everything came out. The color theme matches so well with my planner, and I think I might have to keep this set up for a while.
For this set up, here's what I used from the advent kit:
  • pattern papers
  • digital images
  • bow paper clips
  • pen
  • penholder
  • planner charm
  • list pad (I punched holes into them to fit right into my planner)

And I still have plenty of goodies to use for other projects. Thank you for stopping by to see what I made. And if you are #teamwait good luck.... Especially after seeing this post :)

Happy Holidays!

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