VB Tutorial: Aesthetic A6 Rings Dividers
Hi everyone! 

Today I am going to show you how I made my A6 rings dividers using the VB Aesthetic luxe VBKit paper pack. For this project, I will be doing a step by step tutorial on how to achieve a similar look!

For every month, I try to make (or use) my stash for my A6 set up. I love the VB paper in general since it’s double sided artwork. It’s double the art and double the fun! If you’re like me, I kinda sigh at setting up my rings. I never know how to set up my dashboards and how much deco to put in. VB paper saves me that time! 
Items that I’ll be using from the Aesthetic Luxe VBKit:
All cardstock sheets from paper pack
Page flags 

Items used but not pictured:
Paper trimmer
Hole puncher
Label maker
I like the variety from the design in this paper pack. I can just choose the design angle I want and cut the sheet down to the size I prefer. Here I used 3 cardstocks and I got 6 dashboards from the sheets! I used my trusty hole punch and punched all my dashboards. Now it’s ready for the next step!
I moved onto making my labels to put onto the page flags. I love the page flags for this month and I thought it would be great to make dividers with them since they are tabs!
For this particular set of dividers, I only used one color instead of all three of the tabs. This is only my preference since I like to color code what’s inside my planner. You’re free to use whatever tabs in whichever way you feel!

The labels I made are as followed:

Shop codes
I went for the simple style of dividers without adding anything to the front or back. I wanted to keep the look minimal since I usually layer acetate or vellum dashboards on top.
And here is the finished look!! I figured that laying the tab flags this way helped space out evenly. I tried the staggered way , traditional divider style, but it didn’t work out so well for me. This was my solution to that and I’m quite happy with the outcome!
Thank you for hanging out with me today. I hope you found some inspiration from this look. I can’t wait to see your dividers! Until next time friends!
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