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Today’s blog is super exciting as I get a chance to play with some of my favorite art supplies! Thanks to the goodies in the Artisan VBKit, I was inspired to pull out some supplies that I haven’t used in ages. In this post, I’ll be showing you how I used the Notebook that was included with the new VB product—the VB Pocket Book. I’m planning to use it as an art journal to record my favorite artist-themed affirmations. As someone who struggles with comparison, this little project is already giving me a new perspective. Whenever I feel like I need a boost of confidence, I’ll be able to open it and see my creations. And, because of its compact size, I can store some supplies inside the pocketbook to create on-the-go.

Here’s a list of the supplies I used. However, feel free to use different mediums. Grab some paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers, watercolors -the sky's the limit!

Supplies used:
Notebook from the Artisan VBKit
Digital patterns and clipart from the Artisan VBKit
Artisan VBKit fountain pen
Sticker paper
Copy paper
Gelatos water-soluble crayons in Pastel tones by Faber-Castell 
Canva app
Pinterest app for artist-themed daily affirmations 
Paper trimmer

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The first thing I did was to print out the digital patterns and clipart from the Artisan VBKit. I used the Canva app to arrange the images onto an 8.5x11 inch page template. The app is easy to use, and there is a free version that will work just fine for most users. I sized the digital patterns to approximately 4x5 inches to be able to fit four on a page.

When I was satisfied with my choices, I printed the images out onto sticker paper. They can also be printed onto copy paper and attached to the page with glue. If you don’t have the digitals, don’t fret because you can also use the Artisan sticker book!

Once I had everything printed, I cut the individual patterns out with a paper trimmer.  Now, it was time to start creating!
To start, I picked out some Gelatos that I thought would pair well with the colors in the kit. I decided to use these colors: Guava, Peach, Kiwi, and Earl Grey.
Next, I laid some color down on copy paper. The Gelatos are creamy when used alone, but, when you add water and blend them, they look more like watercolor paints. After blending and smoothing the colors together, I tore the color swatch out (rather than cutting it) to add character to the page.
Then, I chose a patterned paper to use for the first page of my art journal. I also trimmed a piece of a coordinating pattern to make a mat for my title.
I adhered it to the first page in the Notebook to serve as a title page. It was a little larger than the page, so I just trimmed off the excess. Once the foundation was laid, I just started building the page from there, layering pieces on top of one another. I also added a pencil washi sticker from the Artisan VBKit to the bottom of the title page. 

Then, I went to Pinterest to find some daily affirmations that focused on artistry and creativity. Once I had compiled a list, I used the VB fountain pen with black ink to write one of the daily affirmations and the title “Create” for the first page.
After that, it was easy! I just layered different elements from the kit to build my pages.
The best part about this project is that I can store all of the supplies in the VB Pocket Book and create anywhere!
The Artisan VBKit has truly inspired me to return to creating just for the sheer joy of it. After all, I was created to create!

I hope that this will give you just one of many ideas that you can use with your Artisan Notebook. I would love to see what you create, so feel free to tag me @drinkcoffee.makestuff and @shopvillabeautifful on Instagram and make sure you post in the Villabeautifful Community Facebook group.
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Keisha's Instagram!


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