VB Tutorial: Artisan Memory Keeper
Hello beautiful VB Community!

The newest designer collaboration VBKit with Studio Six Plans, Artisan, is absolutely perfect for November if I must say so myself. With that being said I hope that November is treating you all well and that if you preordered the Artisan VBKit you are loving playing with the kit items and creating things that you love.

Today I am going to show you how I am going to use a portion of the pocket notebook as a memory keeper. Let's get started!
Items needed: 
VB Artisan notebook 
VB Artisan craft paper and vellum 
VB Sticker book 
VB Artisan washi tape 
HP sprocket (or another way of printing pictures for memory keeping, your preference) 
Double sided tape 
Paper cutter or scissors
Tim Holtz Idea-ology (black quotes) 

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First I want to create sections in my pocket notebook before getting started on my memory keeping. You will notice there are both lined portions and blank pages in the back of the notebook. The first section in the notebook I will be using as a random junk journal and then in the back on the blank pages is where I am going to be doing my memory keeping.

Take a craft paper and place it in the notebook. Make sure you are pushing it directly up against the crease to get the closest cut that you can.
Once you have placed it in the pocket notebook, flip it over and use a pen of your choice to trace along the edge to make an outline. You will be using a paper cutter or scissors to cut this. 
Once I trace and cut the craft paper out I am going to use double sided tape to place on one side. I am going to be using this as a main page divider for the two sections. You will repeat these steps twice. 
I glued the page to the front sheet of the notebook. Next I used one of the kit sticker book tabs to place on the same page.
Once you are done the tabs should look like the photo below.
Now that both sections are created it’s time to start memory keeping! First I tear off pieces of craft paper and vellum to use as a layering pieces. 
Next I print a picture from my sprocket. This one is of my youngest daughter on Halloween this year!  
After I have my main pieces placed on the page, I then use printed digitals from the Artisan VBKit to further layer deco on the page.
On the left hand page is where I am going to be doing my writing for my memory keeping. I want to create a header on the top left hand corner using some stickers and washi from the Artisan kit. 
To balance out the left hand page I decided to use some of the washi on the bottom. This is how my memory keeping page now looks prior to me writing in it. I love it! 
I hope that this in some way inspired or sparked some creativity in you to use the Artisan notebook for something that works for you! I personally am going to love having a mini on the go memory keeper especially since this beautiful VB Pocket Book Tiff designed is something I have been taking with me everywhere.

Please stay safe and enjoy the rest of your November, have fun creating and crafting! Below are a couple of the memory keeping pages that I created tonight. I cannot wait until more of these pages are fluffy and this little notebook is full.
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