VB Tutorial: Charmed Bookmark

Hi Villapeeps!

Today I'm going to show you what I made for my PP Weeks planner so that I could use the beautiful charm from the September Mysterious VBKit. 

- paper cutter
- 1 paper from the VBKit or 1 printed from the kit digitals 
- hole punch 
- laminator or laminate pouch 
- September Mysterious VBKit charm 
- book/planner of your choice (here I used my PrintPressions Weeks) 
- ruler 
- exacto knife

Step 1 
First, measure the width of your book or planner page.
Step 2
Fold your decorative paper. Try to use the center fold if you're using the VBKit decorative card stock.

Next, cut off any excess from the folded paper so it matches the width of your book/planner page. You should be left with a piece that is twice the width of your book/planner page when it is unfolded.

Once your page is folded, it should be double-sided if you printed a paper & only had one side with a pattern. The decorative card stock in the VBKit already comes double-sided.
In this next picture, you'll see that once you put this folded paper inside your book you will have a little excess at the bottom. This is what we want as that is where we will be punching a hole for the charm later. 
Step 3
Make sure if you are using a digital print-out that you trim all the white edges off. We don't want those. 

Step 4
Here I have about .75 of an inch excess paper at the bottom. Measure how much you have left and leave only enough for a spot to hole punch. I cut half of the .75 inch off. 
Step 5
On the side that is folded, I took my ruler and drew a diagonal line on the top and bottom.

I then laminated the folded paper. 
Step 6
Before trimming all sides, I took my exacto knife and lightly cut where we drew the diagonal lines.

Be sure to not cut through the bottom paper. Since it's folded I only want to cut where I drew the line and not all the way through. 
Step 7
I then am going to trim the excess laminate around the edges but I am going to not cut right at the edge of the now triangle side. I am going to leave a little extra laminate so that it doesn't come open. If you cut too close, the triangles you made will fall off. It's so important that you keep that side closed and the triangles stay intact. 
Step 8
Now try your dashboard cover on and push the top of the page down so you can see how much excess you have at the bottom.

Then hole punch at the bottom so we can hang the charm. 
All done!! Now we have a dashboard that is secured on the corners of your page to act as a bookmark and that can hold your VB charm beautifully.
Thank you so much for checking out my blog post and I hope you all enjoyed. Can't wait to see yours! 

xoxo, Aly 
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