VB Tutorial: Coffee Bar Décor

Hi Villapeeps,

Today I am so excited to share with you how I made these cute coffee décor pieces for your coffee bar. 

These were made with the digitals and paper pack from the October Cafe Papershire VBKit. I know so many of us absolutely love this kit for so many reasons! 

First, I got these little shadow boxes from the Dollar Tree. You can find them in the frame section.

I also used a ruler, paper cutter, papers, brown card stock, scissors, glue, digital papers, and digital printouts. For the pictures I used, I printed at 60-75% so they would fit perfectly in the shadow boxes. 
Then, you are going to want to measure the little boxes against the papers. Here we will be using our kit papers or printed digital papers. This will be the background inside of the boxes. Once your paper is cut to size, glue the background inside of the shadow box. This is where I used my ruler to measure and cut out the appropriate sizes. 
Next, I cut out the digital pictures which again I printed at 60-75%. Then I glued them to the brown card stock I had, just to give it that bordered look and then I cut around that as well. 
This next step I learned back in grade school! It's to give the images that pop-out effect. We will be using scraps from our brown card stock or any thick, firm paper. Cut out some decent size thick strips. 
Hold it vertically straight, lay the other strip horizontally over the first one, and glue it down. We will alternate the folding here.
As you cross one strip, the other will go the opposite way, essentially creating an accordion like folding.

Looking at the photo below, the next step is to fold the vertical part upward to overlap the horizontal one. You will continue this pattern of crossing over the previous one to create the accordion foldings.
Next, glue one end of the accordions to the back of your printed images.
Then, glue the other end of those accordions to your shadow boxes.

Voila - All done! 

Super easy, super cute, and a must have for our coffee bars or desks!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial & thanks for reading! 
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