VB Tutorial: DIY Deco Dashboard
Hello everyone! 

Today I will be showing you how to make a deco dashboard using the Written in the Stars VBKit + paper pack! I will be making a dashboard for my mini hp for this tutorial. This kit is one of my favorites. Celestials, purple, holo - what a perfect combination! I truly love the fact that Tiffany explores new products and brings in different varieties of shapes and sizes for her kits. 
Items that I’ll be using from the Written in the Stars VBKit:
1 Cardstock sheet from paper pack
1 Vellum sheet from paper pack
Written in the Stars 15mm & 10mm washi tape set
Washi Roll Deco Stickers 
VB Written In The Stars Sticker Book
Transparent Half Circle Page Flag Set

Items used but not pictured:
Paper trimmer
Adhesive tape runner

I know, it seems like a lot, but I promise it’ll be worth it!
Let’s start by trimming our cardstock and vellum to your preferred size. In this case, I trimmed the cardstock to fit a mini hp and the vellum I just eyeballed it to fit the center of the cardstock. 
Next step is to add the half circle page flags on the side. I chose the right side since I will be punching the left side to fit into my planner. I thought that the half circle page flags were perfect to create your own scallop edge!
Here’s the fun part! You can layer however you’d like but here’s how I did mine: I started with using the sticker book full boxes and bits and pieces to make this layered look. Don’t forget to add some washi tape & washi sticker elements!

And here’s the final look, punched and in my planner!
Thanks for hanging out with me today! Don’t forget to tag me & @shopvillabeautifful if you do create a similar look! I hope you found some inspiration today. I look forward to seeing how everyone uses this VBKit!
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