VB Tutorial: DIY Magnet Bookmark

Hey Everyone!

Today I will be showing you how to make a wet erase magnetic bookmark with the large 2" x 3" stickers from the Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKit sticker book. These magnetic bookmarks are a simple, functional, and cute way to keep your place in your planner, book, or journal.

Ok first, the materials you will need:

Color cardstock of choice (I will be using Pink 65lb paper)
2" x 3" VB Stickers
3 MIL Laminate sheets (I use Scotch)
Scissors/Paper Trimmer
Adhesive magnetic sheets (I Use ProMAG)
Washi tape

Step 1
Cut your cardstock to 3 in x 4.5 in

Step 2
Choose your 2 in x 3 in sticker from your VBKit sticker book

Step 3
With the cardstock (portrait orientation), place the sticker towards the bottom of the cardstock
Step 4
Fold the paper in half, where it will make the shape of a tent
Step 4.5
Add washi to the top of the fold (if you would like)
Step 5
Place the project inside of your laminate sheet and run through the laminator
Step 6
Cut the laminated paper down to size (make sure not to cut into the bubble) and run through the laminator again
Step 7
Fold laminated paper in half along the recently made crease
Step 8
Cut two pieces of adhesive magnet sheet to 1 in x 2 in
Step 9 
Take off adhesive backing and place the magnets on the inside of the tent, one on each end of the fold
And there you have it! Your very own magnetic bookmark! These are great to make quick notes on the page(s) you marked.
I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial. I will be posting a video as well for those that are interested. I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Warm Regards,
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  • K. Jefferson : September 03, 2020

    Great job Brooklyn! Loving all of your DIYs!

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