VB Tutorial: DIY Receipt Keepers
Hey there Villa Folx!

I’m on a budget journey this year and thought for my blog contribution this month I would show you how to create some receipt keepers using the February Little Magic Ave VBKit! I will be making 2 pockets and an envelope. If I have all of my receipts in one place, it’s easy for me to track my spending daily or at the end of the week.
VBKit items used:
2 of the heavy double sided cardstock
2 vellum sheets
3 adhesive pockets
Paper crafting supplies needed: 
Paper trimmer
Adhesive (I used double sided tape)
Planner punch (I used a HP punch)
Marker (just in case)

Step 1: Cut 4 inches off each piece of cardstock and vellum. Keep the excess cardstock and vellum for later. We will use some of this to create the envelope.

You can adjust the length cut off based on the size of your planner. I am using these in a half letter size planner so 4 inches works perfectly. 
Step 2: Organize the paper, vellum, and adhesive pocket combination you want to use.
Step 3: Add adhesive to the bottom and right hand side edges of the paper.
Step 4: Remove the backing, line up the vellum, and place down. I make sure to apply firm even pressure when using this type of adhesive.
Step 5: Figure out where you would like to place the adhesive pocket, peel the backing off, place down, and apply firm even pressure.

Make sure not to place the adhesive pocket too close to the left hand side. We are going to punch that side so this can be inserted into our planner.
Repeat Steps 3-5 for the second set of 4 inch paper, vellum, and adhesive pocket.

Step 1: 
Using the excess vellum we cut from earlier, cut along the crease in the vellum.
Step 2: Using the excess paper with the creased edge facing down, add adhesive to the left, right, and bottom of the paper. 
Step 3: Remove the adhesive backing, place the vellum on top, and apply firm even pressure when joining the paper and vellum.

Finally, punch the pockets and envelope so they can be inserted into your planner.
Now you’re ready to use these in your planner to hold your receipts! 
Thank you for stopping by and checking my blog post out! If you decide to use your VBKit items to create pockets or envelopes, be sure to tag me in the VB Facebook group. I’d love to see your creations! 
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  • Marvette Norris: April 09, 2021

    Love this idea!!

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