VB Tutorial: Dream Big Mobile
Hi VillaBabes!

I’m sure it’s no secret that one of my favorite things in the VB Kits are the digitals. I love getting creative with the digital papers and the images that come along with the kit. For this project I wanted to make something outside the planner world and wanted to use supplies that I had on hand.

Rope or ribbon
Adhesive (Helmar 450 quick dry is one of my favorite adhesives for paper projects)
villabeauTIFFul digitals
Hole punch
Cotton balls (optional, you’ll see later that I opted not to use the cotton balls)
Step 1: Print out one of the cloud shapes in the "Dream Big" digital files kit - I printed mine at approximately 10”x7”. Once you have cut out the design, punch two holes on the top of the cloud, this is where you will thread your rope and tie a bow to use as the hanger. Then punch holes on the bottom part of the cloud. I punched enough for four strands, but you can do as many, or as little as you please. Have fun with it! Thread your rope (or ribbon) through each hole and do a simple knot in the back to keep the rope from coming back through.
Step 2: Print and cut the images you want hanging off your mobile. I printed them anywhere from 2-4 inches, depending on the image. In order for you to make your mobile double-sided, you’ll need to mirror your image so you’re able to glue them back to back on the rope.
Step 3: Put a strip of glue on the back side of one of your images, then lay the rope down on top of the glue. Now add another another strip of glue on top of your rope and place your mirrored image on top of that. It’s a rope sandwich! Continue doing that with the rest of the images, staggering them in different spots and different ropes.
Voila! You have yourself a mobile!

This is where the cotton balls are optional. You can adhere the cotton balls to the clouds to give it more dimension.
I hope you all enjoyed this quick little craft and give it a try! It is a fun project to do alone or with a child.

Thanks for reading!
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