VB Tutorial: Dry Erase Weekly Meal Planner
Hi VB Community! 

Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY dry erase weekly meal planner featuring items from the April Primrose Garden VBKit. I always need a place to keep my meal planning and my grocery list, but don’t mind if I erase it week to week. I’ll show you how to do this for a traveler’s notebook, but you easily can create this for ring or discbound planners too.  


One sheet from VBKit weekly notepad
Double sided tape
Cardstock from VBKit paper pack
Paper cutter or scissors 
Laminating sheets (either self laminating or to use with laminator)
Dry erase markers (I really like the Expo Ultra Fine markers)
Step 1
Take a sheet from the weekly notepad, put some double sided tape on the back, and stick it close to the crease in the cardstock. We will use this to measure and cut a little of the edges.  
Step 2
Next, slide the cardstock with the weekly sheet into your laminating sheet and laminate.  
Step 3
After laminating once, I like to fold the cardstock in half (exactly where the crease already is) and then run it through the laminator folded. 
Step 4
And that’s it! Put it in your planner, write with a dry erase marker and you’re good to go! When you need to erase, just take a paper towel to erase and if marks are left behind, then just rub some hand sanitizer on it. 
P.S. That’s my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, enjoy!

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