VB Tutorial: Envelope Liners & Seals

Hello VillaFolx!

I’m getting ready for November and all the fun it brings. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I like to write notes to my friends and colleagues letting them know how grateful I am to have them in my life. This year I am going to jazz up my envelopes with DIY envelope liners and envelope seals using the October Cafe Papershire VBKit digitals.

Prerequisite skills:
- How to upload and edit VB Digitals to photo editing software and Cricut
- How to cut stickers using a cutting machine
- How to use svg cut files.

Supplies needed:
- VBKit digital images
- Photo editing software/app (I am using Procreate)
- Printer with ink
- Sticker paper
- Cutting machine with compatible software/app (I am using a Cricut)
- Envelopes w/ note cards
- Envelope liner svg file

TIP If you don't have or can't find an envelope liner svg, you can scan your envelope, save it as an image, and upload it to the Cricut Design Space. You’ll have to remove the white space around it and resize it to the proper dimensions. 

Step One
Open the photo editing software of your choice and create a new project. I am starting with a project that is the size of my iPad screen. 8.5 inches by 11 inches in landscape works well too! It’s better to have a bigger space to work with than smaller. We will be resizing it to be smaller later.

Step Two
Add VBKit digitals to the page. Remember to focus on the edges as well as the center. You can leave some white space around the images like I have OR layer them for a collage effect. There is no right or wrong way to do this. 

TIP angle and resize the digitals to fit your page.

Step Three
Save the image to your device.
Step Four
Open up the Cricut Design space, start a new project, and insert your image. Resize the image so that it is an inch to two inches bigger than your envelope. I resized to a width of 6 inches.
Step Five
Add the envelope liner svg file and layer it on top of your image. Resize the width so that it is half an inch smaller than your envelope dimensions. In my case, that's 4.5 inches wide. This will leave a quarter inch spacing around the liner.
Step Six
Select the image and envelope liner svg, go to actions, and click slice. This cuts out the shape of the envelope liner from the image we created.
Step Seven
Delete the leftover image piece and envelope liner svg.

Then Insert the VBKit digitals image again and resize it like we did in Step Four.
Step Eight
Create a circle shape and change the dimensions to 1.75 inches. This will be the envelope seal.
Step Nine
Using the circle shape, place it over a part of the image you’d like to have cut out.

Select the image and circle shape, go to actions, and then slice. This cuts out the envelope seal from the image.

Repeat these as needed, I did this four times.
Step Ten
Print and Cut using the appropriate settings.
Step Eleven
Assemble! Peal the liner sticker off of the paper. Start at the top of the envelope flap and work your way down. To fit the sticker inside the envelope, open it up with your hand, placing one side down at a time.
Step Twelve
Write a note, put the card in the envelope, and seal it with your envelope seal sticker!
Thanks for reading!!

If you create envelope liners or seals make sure to share a photo and tag @shopvillabeautifull and @plan_with_gabe on social media! I’m looking forward to seeing your DIY!
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