VB Tutorial: Fashionista Pocket

Hi there VillaPeeps!

I'm so excited to show you all what I made using the Fashionista VBKit. I used the paper pack, pen loops, and washi. If you did not purchase the paper pack no worries, feel free to use the printable digital papers for this project. 

Materials Needed: 

·       washi tape
·       laminator 
·       laminator sheets or laminate pouches
·       scissors 
·       template for your size planner pages (I used my personal wide rings template) 
·       exacto knife 

Step 1: First pick a double-sided paper or print two different printed papers from your digitals. I cut the paper down to personal wide rings size.

Step 2: Next, cut a similar piece but only half the size of the template. 
Step 3: Next line up the half size piece with the other side image on top. We will be inserting this into the laminate sheet or pouch and it's crucial that you keep them lined up before inserting into the laminator or pouch. This will be the "pocket" so we want it to look and function correctly. 
Step 4: Once it's sealed in by laminating or using the adhesive pouch, carefully cut along the edge. If you want it to function as a pocket, you will need to leave a gap so don't cut right at the edge of the laminated part.

See the photo below where I'm pointing. If you cut right at the edge, the "seal" will be broken, and it will open where you cut it.

Step 5: Use washi to seal up the edges in case the laminate separates. If you don’t want to use washi, leave that plastic edge around the laminated papers. For me, I wanted the extra flair so I added washi around the edges.
Step 6: Next I'm going to take my exacto knife and gently cut along the pocket opening. Do not press so hard that it cuts through the second paper. Just enough to cut the first laminate layer. 
Step 7: Then add the pen loop on the side.

Feel free to hole punch your pocket or leave it as is and slide it towards the back of your planner as a bookmark. This is also perfect for hardbound planners as you have your beautiful VBPen accessible whenever you are on the go. 
I hope you all enjoyed this easy but functional tutorial using this month’s Fashionista VBKit. Thanks for reading!

XoXo, Aly
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