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Hi everyone!

2020 has been a year, and if you are like me, you put off your holiday shopping until the very last minute! Thankfully, I have the adorable digital clipart and patterns from the Merry Minimalist Advent VBKit to make custom gift tags for my friends and family.

VB Merry Minimalist clipart & patterns
Paper Cutter 
Optional: Merry Minimalist VBKit stickers

Step 1
Go to Canva and create a new design. I chose to design on letter size paper, but you can customize the size if you wish. 

Step 2
Upload the VB clipart and patterns to Canva. While you are waiting for them to upload, add any shape you want, depending on how you want your gift tags to look. I chose a simple square and resized it to 2.5” x 2.5”

Step 3
Add your favorite clipart and get creative. I designed these tags and used certain clipart that would match my wrapping paper! I added the tree-like shapes and adjusted the size and position in order to add dimension.

Step 4
Time to add text! Add a text box and type a short message! I played around with the font until I chose my favorite.

Step 5
Make more! I could not just stop at one! I duplicated the square outline, added different clipart, text, and changed the font for a variety of gift tags. 

Step 6
Once you are done designing, it is time to print. Click “download” at the top right hand corner and choose ‘PDF Print.” This will ensure the quality is perfect for printing. 

Step 7
I printed these on my favorite Amazon cardstock and cut them out using my Fiskars paper cutter. (Both are linked in the materials list!)

Step 8
For an extra special touch, I added a foiled sticker from the VBKit stickers to the “fa la la” gift tag!

Voila! I hope you found this last minute DIY gift tag helpful! Don’t forget to tag me and @ShopVillaBeautifful so we can see your beautiful creations!

Happy Holidays!

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