VB Tutorial: Making Dividers From Digitals

Hey Villababes! 

It’s your girl Quinn! Today’s tutorial will be on making your own dividers using the digitals that are sent with your VBKit pre-orders every month. Here are the items you will need: 

VB Digitals 
Adobe Acrobat
Scissors/Paper Trimmer
Laminating Pouches 

STEP 1: Download your VB Digitals. 

STEP 2: Create an account on www.canva.com 

STEP 3: Click on “create a design” in the top left corner. Choose custom size, and set the dimensions to your planner size inserts and make sure it is set to inches, not pixels. For this project I chose to do a Pocket Plus Insert, so I set the dimensions to 3.5 in by 5 in. 

STEP 4: Upload all your VB Designs to Canva. To do this, you can click on the “Uploads” icon found on the left bar. 

STEP 5: Once uploaded, you can choose the patterned papers that you like and when you click and drag to the blank paper, you should get an image that looks like the photo below. 

STEP 6: If you click and drag the bottom right towards the bottom corner of the white “page” it will fill the entire page and look like the photo below. 

STEP 7: Continue to add pages and fill them with different patterns based on how many dividers you will be making. I chose to have 5 different patterned papers. 


STEP 8: Click and drag the flowers onto the last page making the flowers about 1.5 inches. The last page should look something like this: 

We will be cutting these out by hand later. 

STEP 9: Click Download in the top right corner and Download as a PDF. 

STEP 10: Next, find the downloaded file and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

STEP 11: Print the pages on heavy cardstock, making sure they are single sided and printed at actual size. 

STEP 12: Once you’ve printed, go ahead and trim down your papers and cut out the florals on the last page. 

STEP 13: Next, glue down the flower petals on the paper, lining them up to make sure they are evenly spaced. Then you will stick them in the laminating pouches and run them through the laminator. 

STEP 14: Once laminated, you will trim down the dividers and cut them out. Take your hole puncher and punch your holes so they can fit in your planner. 

You’re all finished! Go ahead and stick them in your planner and enjoy your new dividers! 

Thanks for reading!
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