VB Tutorial: Mini Flip Photo Album

Hey ya’ll, hey! I am so excited about the "Dream Big" VB Kit. It really gives me pretty adventure vibes. Keep reading to learn how to make this super cute mini flip photo album, as pictured above. So grab your “Dream Big” VB Kit (and don’t forget those gorgeous VBPens: Dream Big and Soar High) and let’s have some fun! 



•5x5 inch clear pocket sleeves with pre-punched holes and zip top closure (I used five sleeves for this project.) These can be found at a craft and/or office supply store.

•Ring clips to hold the sleeves together

•Paper cutter with measurements 

•Scissors (optional)

•"Dream Big" paper pack, sticker book, VBPens, and washi tape

•Personal photos (I printed my photos on my HP Sprocket photo printer) The printer paper is sticker paper, so there’s no adhesive needed to add your photos to your album.

Pictured above: (1) Clear pocket sleeve & (2) Top opening

Since the clear pocket sleeves are 5x5 inches, the paper should be cut down to 4 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches, so the paper fits inside with a little wiggly room for easy paper insertion and removal. I used the cardstock and one sheet of vellum, from the kit, for this project. The papers are double sided, making these the perfect papers for this project, since both sides will be used and displayed.

The first image is the paper before it’s cut down to size, with the next photo showing one of the papers after being cut down to size. The third photo shows the paper inside the clear pocket sleeve. The fourth shows the supplies used for this project from the “Dream Big” kit. Also used (not pictured), one of the paper clips, included in the kit.

Once the paper is all cut to size (top photo), now it's time to gather and/or print your photos (bottom photo).

I used my HP Sprocket, a portable photo printer, to print my photos. The photos are 2x3 in size.

The photo paper has a sticky backing, making it easy to add photos to the project, with no adhesive needed. The photo on the top is a work in progress, while the photo on the bottom is one of my completed pages.

Using deco stickers and a half box from the “Dream Big” sticker book, really made the page stand out and provided space for journaling.

Another page in my mini flip photo album! Add a ring clip (which can be found at an office or craft supply store, making the completed project easy to carry with you and share with family and friends.

Great for layering, I added a sticky note from the kit. 

These are some more pages inside my mini flip photo album. 

I used one of the vellum papers in the paper pack to archive these beautiful photos of both my mom (on the top) and my grandma (on the bottom), in their youth. The quote stickers, half boxes, and labels were used to personalize the pages.

On the last page of the project, I added the “Dream” paper clip, to the upper right side of the page. And finally - the completed mini flip photo album, displaying the cover, using deco, one of the clipboard stickers and a label sticker, with 2020 written using the "Dream Big" kit pen. All journaling was written using the Dream Big and Soar High kit pens. 

I hope you enjoyed this project and will make one of your own. These mini flip photo albums are great for “make and take” crafting at meet-ups and also make thoughtful gifts. See ya’ll next time!


Your Pretty Functionista Planner,

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