VB Tutorial: Mysterious Stalogy Set Up

 Hi Villafwens!

    So I’ve decided to do a thing and I wanted to share my process with you all. I’ve always admired the personalization abilities of a Stalogy and one of my amazing planner friends turn besties blessed me with one. This month I will be showing you how I customized my Stalogy with the September Mysterious VBKit as well as items from the Fashionista VBKit. I love how Tiffany creates kits that marry so well together, don’t be afraid to mix it up fwens! 

Supplies Needed

VBKit with Paper Pack
Tape Adhesive 
Corner punch


1. Gather your supplies and lay them out.

2. Crop and round the corners of your kit card according to planner size.

3. Using repositionable adhesive, place the card on your cover.

Quick Tip: if you use another kind of adhesive, get Undu from your local craft store and you can remove it when you want. 
4. On the inside cover, place an adhesive pocket to hold your favorite VB stickers on the go.
5. Using a needle, create a hole in the cover that you can put your charm through.
6. Back inside the planner, let’s go ahead and trim the vellum to fit inside. I’m using my washi tape to keep it in place. 

7. Cut some card stock and instead of going in the bind, let’s place the washi on top creating a flip top instead.

8. I placed another pocket in the back of the planner.

I'm also using the gold magnetic clip to hold even more stickers. More is more! 

9. Now it’s time to personalize to your heart's content using your stickers and imagination.

What I love most about the Stalogy system is it can be whatever I need it to be. There are no rules just the ones you set. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Shannon Ellis: November 12, 2020

    I am so in love with this! Thank you for posting this creative inspiration and kudos to the creator. I enjoy seeing these and look forward to more!

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